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Easy Joining, 2012


Special Issue - May, 2012

Light Joining

It was never easier to join the NAP if your institution is member

Joining the EDEN NAP - Network of Academics and Professionals is FREE for individual applicants from EDEN member institutions. Requests are processed in consultation with the parent institution.

We invite members to draw the attention of colleagues to the opportunity.

The EDEN NAP – Network of Academics and Professionals is the community of individual members who have been nominated to NAP by their EDEN member institutions or applied for membership themselves. The NAP numbers over 1100 individuals, it is electing its Steering Committee every 2 years and has its own dedicated online community with all NAP members signed on, called the NAP Members Area.

Is your institution EDEN member?
How to join NAP?
How to access the Members Area?

There are currently near 200 EDEN Institutional members. Those members include universities, national associations, professional bodies, international networks, research institutions and companies.

Step 1

Check the EDEN Institutional members list.

  • If your institution is listed, you are entitled to be a NAP member.
  • If your institution is not listed, and you are interested in becoming member, please consult the online application form or write to the EDEN Secretariat.

Step 2

Upon joining, your institution's contact might have already listed you. If it is so, you received an e-mail from EDEN with login and password to the NAP Members Area.
If this is NOT the case, please fill in this online form.

Step 3

Grab your login and password, click on the NAP Members Area and start networking!

What is the advantage of being a NAP member?

As an EDEN member you are part of the largest, dynamically developing community of experts and practitioners of electronic distance education. EDEN members automatically become also NAP members and enjoy the benefits of the EDEN membership including free downloads, conference discounts, monthly news service, access to fresh research results and solid practices. NAP members are the individuals who are working at the EDEN Member institutions or are EDEN Individual members. As a NAP member you can interact with every single individual online and offline who is member of the network.

You have access to the NAP Members Area, the online community of EDEN Member individuals, where:

  • You will find your peers, colleagues, academics and professionals networking.
  • You receive instant updates on what is happening in EDEN via the NAP Wire.
  • You can bookmark and see your colleagues bookmarks of interesting resources on the web.
  • You can update your own profile with the most important professional information on yourself and make it public – or keep it for NAP members only.
  • You can blog on academic/professional development, interesting events and about what you like.
  • You can use your profile to store files, papers, research resources and share them with your colleagues.
  • You will find valuable free downloads:

    • EDEN Conference Proceedings and Book of Abstracts with valuable papers and research results
    • EDEN Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes
    • EDEN Newsflashes
    • Practice Cases from other NAP Members
  • You can interact with your colleagues in groups or individually:

    • with the Executive Committee,
    • with the EDEN Fellows and Senior Fellows,
    • in Conference groups,
    • in Researchers' special interest groups (themes include: virtual mobility, adult learning with various tools, ICT for further education of care workers, open research resources for e-learning, etc).
  • You can build your own personal network by ‚friending' other NAP member or you can create your own interest group with topic-relevant content storage.

Do you have any questions? The answer might be already on our website. You can also contact the EDEN Secretariat via email.


You are receiving this Newsflash as member of the EDEN Network of Academics and Professionals. To read about the benefits and services of the EDEN Membership, visit this link.

EDEN Members are kindly encouraged to send relevant brief news for the next issue of the Newsflash.

Please, be kindly reminded that the archive of previous Newsflash issues can be found at the EDEN NAP Members' Area, further you have free electronic access to the latest EDEN conference proceedings.



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