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November, 2012




November, 2012

EDEN Conference News

EDEN Annual Conference 2013, Oslo
University of Oslo

The Joy of Learning

Enhancing Learning Experience - Improving Learning Quality

12-15 June 2013

Call for contributions

Conference themes

E-learning, open and distance education have been increasingly important fields of intellectual excitement and innovative development. The challenges posed by the new technologies are permanent, and students constantly keep teachers under pressure to develop. The human elements are moving to the forefront, employing creative methods and smart solutions.

How can we do our best to make learning a thrilling experience for learners, including providing a sense of joy in the virtual classroom?

The EDEN 2013 Conference will discover and present the latest best practice in this field, share progressive concepts, inventive solutions and promote collaboration.

Deadline for Submission of Proposals – 5 February 2013

In collaboration with the Norwegian Association for Distance and Flexible Education (NADE)
and the University of Oslo




The Seventh EDEN Research Workshop: 22-23 October 2012
University of Leuven

The Seventh EDEN Research Workshop, with the great support of the Leuven University was an impressive continuation of the tradition to highlight bi-annually recent achievements in search of new knowledge in e-learning. Participants could enjoy the medieval University rooms, in good atmosphere, promoting collaboration and networking. The intensive involvement and contribution of the Leuven students was a vital innovation, providing special experience.

Many thanks to the keynote speakers, all Conference presenters and for the students' promotion to Leuven Professors Wim van Petegem, Eric Duval and Jan Elen.

The Best Research Paper was awarded to Iolanda Garcia Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Anna Escofet Roig, Begona Gros, University of Barcelona, Spain for the paper: Students' Attitude towards ICT Learning Uses: A Comparison between Digital Learners in Blended and Virtual Universities.

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In collaboration with the University of Leuven

For details, visit the EDEN website.


Students at the Research Worshop


Lisa-Marie Blaschke receives the Fellow Award from Morten F. Paulsen, President of EDEN.


Martine Vidal, Chair of the Jury presenting the award to Iolanda Garcia at the Conference Dinner

Community Update

New Members

EDEN welcomes the following institution that have joined the Association as Member since October 2012:

Balkan Distance Educational Network - BADEN, Serbia

You can view their profile at the "New Members" link on the EDEN web.


New Articles in EURODL

Financial Operations of Distance Education and Campus-Based Education: A Zambian Case

Anna Bucheba Chakupalesa, Santosh Panda

The Impact of Professional Learning on the Teaching Identities of Higher Education Lecturers

Jacqueline-Aundrée Baxter

The Freshers' Week Experience in a VLE: Can it be achieved?

Yvette Winnard, Vicki Elliott

Learning technology through three generations of technology enhanced distance education pedagogy

Terry Anderson, Jon Dron

Learning Design Implementation for Distance e-Learning: Blending Rapid e-Learning Techniques with Activity-based Pedagogies to Design and Implement a Socio-constructivist Environment

Mohammad Issack Santally, Yousra Rajabalee, Dorothy Cooshna-Naik


Projects, Practices, Showcases

Open Discovery Space: Competence-Based Training for School Teachers

30 June 2013 - 05 July 2013, University of Crete, Greece

The aim of the course is to support the development of European schools’ digital culture and teachers’ digital skills, so that they are able to understand the uses and applications of digital resources in school practice, and subsequently to benefit from digital content and technology solutions covering a wide range of areas: Science, Mathematics, ICT, Social Studies, Arts and Language Studies. Read more here.




European Project Carer+ Launched to Develop Care Workers Digital Competences

An interdisciplinary and international team of 14 institutions launched the Carer+ project earlier this year for care-workers all around Europe. The project identifies and enhances ICT competences of care-workers who support older persons at home. In the next 3 years scientific research, a competence framework, curriculum and training tools in theory and practice, training for trainers and policy exchange visits, as well as, an open online learning space and community for care-workers will be put in place to realise the challenging aims of the project.

To help to achieve the objectives and outcomes of Carer+, the project partnership is issuing a ‘call for interest’ to stakeholders and users in the field to participate in the evaluation processes of the project during its lifecycle in order to support the Consortium. Read more here.


Highlights from EDEN Members and Partners

Two Innovative Projects from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 2012

Open Apps, UOC's knowledge and expertise available for everyone

Led by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the Open Apps project is a virtual repository of all the successful knowledge developed by the University during its nearly 20 years of expertise in online higher education. Through its website, visitors can find more than 20 "open apps": innovative applications and pedagogical experiences that have been developed and tested within the UOC for providing solutions to pedagogical and management needs. In addition, Open Apps also aims to offer those apps and experiences that can be transferred, used and evolved by other institutions.

UOC continues to innovate in Educational Technologies

The UOC-OLT has just published its 2011 Projects Report, outlining a sample of its latest projects, building on information and experiences that facilitate and improve the experience of an extremely diverse group of students and faculty. For instance, some cases aim at the integration of social networks and cloud services within the Campus, while progress is also made in the area of inclusion of people with a wide range of disabilities, making UOC a more inclusive University.


Storytelling Tops the Bill at the MEDEA Awards 2012

French entry Quand la colère fait tomber les masques is the winner of the MEDEA Professional Production Award and Greek entry And the Oscar goes to ... is the winner of the MEDEA User-Generated Award. This announcement was made during the MEDEA Awards Ceremony which took place on 14 November as part of the Media & Learning Conference in the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training headquarters in Brussels. Read press release...


Higher Education – Higher Level Learning?

23-25 January 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia

The aim of the conference “Higher education – higher level learning?” is to develop willingness in university teachers to elaborate and explore their teaching skills. The conference is organized by Archimedes PRIMUS Program together with Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.


EUCIS-LLL Lifelong Learning Week: “Rethinking skills: A civil society perspective”

26-29 November 2012, Brussels

The aim of Lifelong Learning Week, organised for the first time in 2011 by EUCIS-LLL, is to raise awareness on the social dimension of education and training, as the important factor to reach the headline targets of Europe 2020 in this field.


Short Survey on Emerging Technologies in Online Courses

University of Maryland University College is running a survey on emerging technologies in online courses. You are invited to fill in the questionnaire on this link.

Survey open until 23 November 2012.


Publications and Events

E-Xcellence Manual: Quality Assurance in E-learning

The instrument is based on the E-xcellence manual containing the benchmark statements, with the criteria and indicators. In the guide you can find the criteria and indicators. The structure of the instrument is identical to the sections in the guide and are organised into six sections. Manaul is available here.


From the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education: Are MOOCs a game-changer for higher education?

It is almost obligatory to kick off any article about online learning with some fairly wild statements about the disruptive impact of massive open online courses – MOOCs – on higher education. Attempting to avoid this pitfall, we shall make a case for MOOCs as contributor to the mainstreaming of online learning rather than a force for re-engineering the educational landscape. Read more...


Reindustrialising Europe: the issues at stake in a European Innovation and Industry Policy

With the validation of the budgetary pact, the Member States are laying the foundations of a joint economic project; now the rest of the structure has to be built. Industry will be its mainstay: strengthening this is the major issue at stake at the beginning of this decade. The Robert Schuman Foundation published an analysis by Franck Lirzin and Christophe Schramm on this issue. Read more...


From the "OER will need 20 to 30 years to reach its ultimate global realization"

Fred Mulder holds the UNESCO chair in Open Education Resources (OER). In the frame of the Open Access Week, he talks with us about the progress that has been accomplished and the efforts to be done to further promote the OER. Read more...


From Check.point E-learning: Reaching increasingly for tablets

It seems that the learning community – especially the learning technology community – is always ready to define another way of learning and give it a new name. For example, the last ten months or so has seen the growth in popularity and use of 't-learning' – following the continuing rise in popularity of tablets and e-readers. Read more...


Distance Education for Teacher Training: Modes, Models, and Methods

The publication by EDC gathers research and lessons learned from numerous programs in over 100 nations and territories to help distance education policymakers, planners and designers develop distance education systems focused on producing high-quality teachers. Read more...


Technology Enhanced Learning Research Programme - Highlights

View video


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