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December, 2012, Special Issue




December, 2012

Project Developments, Practices, Showcases

MOVE-ON - Professional Learning for Adults on the Move

The European project MOVE-ON offers you the opportunity to follow three full management courses from your iPhone device and even get a certificate of successful attendance! The goal of the MOVE-ON project is to develop and demonstrate a new educational model for adult lifelong learning and personal development on mobile devices. The application and content is available free of charge in English, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian and Hungarian.

The project has just released its final newsletter that is available here.

move on

Artificial Intelligence in Education through the use of AI Tutors

The Intelligent Tutoring for Lifelong Learning – I-TUTOR project is in the process of developing a multi-agent based intelligent tutoring system to support online teachers, trainers, tutors and learners. The system is applied in open source learning environments, and will monitor, track, analyze and give formative assessment and feedback to students within the learning environment while giving input to tutors and teachers involved in distance learning to enhance their role during the process of teaching. Reaching the midterm in the project, the partnership published a project newsletter to share the results achieved, among which you will find a comprehensive study about the intelligent tutoring systems (and the implications of using intelligent tutoring systems in the European scenario) as well as an open source code for a survey chatbot that you are welcome to test.


Call for Interest – Join the CARER+ Users and Stakeholders Group

You have the right to speak and the opportunity to support the development of digital competences and digitally-supported professional skills for European care workers and so, to enhance the quality of care provided for care recepients if you identify yourself in the CARER+ project's users and stakeholders group. To help to achieve CARER+’s objectives and outcomes, the project partnership is issuing a ‘call for interest’ to stakeholders and users in the field to participate in the evaluation processes of the project during its lifecycle in order to support the Consortium. The CARER+ partnership invites you to join in and get involved at different levels depending on your time and interest. Read the full Call here.


Recently Launched: Open Discorvery Space

The project Open Discovery Space addresses the challenge of modernising school education by engaging teachers, students, parents and policymakers in a first of its kind effort to create a pan-European eLearning environment to promote more flexible and creative ways of learning by improving the way educational content is produced, accessed and used. ODS creates a multi-lingual, community-oriented social platform that will encourage teachers, students and parents to discover, discuss, share, shape and acquire Europe’s rich array of teaching, learning and research materials.

Summer schools and other ODS related public activities are being organised already, please visit the EDEN website for further details.


Towards Equitable Access in Higher Education – A Lifelong Learning Challenge

The EquNet project has brought together a consortium of renowned research organisations and stakeholder representatives to work as a research-based advocacy network to increase access to Higher Education for all marginalised and non-traditional groups based on a principle of equity. The closing seminar “Equity in European Higher Education: State of the research, problems, ideas and perspectives” was organised on 7 November in Brussels by the MENON Network and brought together some 50 researchers, policy-makers and practitioners in the field of equity research and policies in higher education. Report on the Seminar is available here.

EquNet findings are being published in a series of reports called "Evolving Diversity" (1-3). To learn more about these and to download the Evolving Diversity report, visit the EquNet website.


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