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Invitation to the 1st Consultation



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Dear Colleagues,

VISIR Stakeholders consultation - Introduction to the first survey

What are the most relevant factors of change and how do they affect LLL?
„LLL in the XXI Century: dimensions of change"


The VISIR project – “Vision, Scenarios, Insights and Recommendations “ is the initiative of seven European networks one research centre and one University involved in the open, distance and e-learning field. It aims to develop a shared vision on how ICT may help making lifelong learning a reality.

The project is co-funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme.

No doubt: Many such visions have already been elaborated.

We trust that the strength of the present initiative is that it will be based on real-life scenarios and insights and built with a bottom-up approach, involving relevant stakeholders in the field of learning and ICT.


In Europe a high number of support and networking activities in the field of ICT-for-learning exist. We all see however that exchange of practices across sectors and mainstreaming the innovations to use ICT in learning is not yet a reality.

A common bottom-up vision on the ICT-for-learning contribution to European learning should complement the existing top-down visions present - in particular, in the EU documents

The use of ICT for learning in Europe is widespread. We largely miss in the meantime its impact as a driver of change for our economies and societies. Three major gaps exist: the “understanding gap”, the “networking gap”, and the “mainstreaming gap”.

A brokerage mechanism of ideas across Education and Training sectors may help to close the networking and understanding gap, whilst that between practice and policy making could close the mainstreaming gap. This is how we believe that a meaningful and widespread use of ICT in learning can be promoted


VISIR is working on a vision, gathering experts’ views and getting systematic contributions from professionals and learning communities.

The objective of the VISIR Stakeholders’ Consultations is to involve professionals and practitioners as well as decision makers, students, civil society representatives, to build on their opinion and experience, to develop a common vision on how ICT may help making lifelong learning a reality.

Four consultations will be launched in the next two years to achieve this.

In this first consultation, we are counting on your contribution to help to identify and analyse the trends on ICT and learning in Europe!

It will take only few minutes of your time and even could be a fun to reflect on the 14, somewhat provocative and tricky statements which you will find in the consultation.

Such statements were elaborated following a memorable brainstorming seminar in Bologna in May 2012, with the participation of a bunch of experts gathered from all the continent. They analysed the domains of change, the polarities and tensions and the main lines of evolution and trying to outline future scenarios from here till 2020.

Thus, the statements in the consultation are related to the year 2020.

We invite you to join the consultation to express your opinion,
leave comments and add additional statements that you think are missing.

The first issue of the Vision report will be published in October 2012

Stay tuned on the VISIR website to know about the publication date!


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