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Issue 1 - March 2013


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March 2013

Issue 1

Your opinion counts! Join our survey!

STAY IN – Student guidance at university for inclusion is a two-year project co-funded under the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning programme that aims to provide a comprehensive on-going guidance service, including e-guidance, to students in higher education, to contribute increasing their educational achievement.

We invite you to take part in our survey and share your experience with us.

Your suggestions will serve the improvement of the STAY IN eGuidance services.


You can find the survey here. Filling it in takes cc. 10 minutes. Thank you for your time and contribution!

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STAY IN seeks to design and develop a service capable of supporting students in higher education during their academic career, by offering guidance and e-guidance to access available and prospective opportunities within the universities and in the communities where the universities are active. Guidance is conceived of as personalised support for each student to tackle potential obstacles that lead to disengagement and drop-out.

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The STAY IN Consortium includes three universities (University of Macerata, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Universidad de Sevilla), international research and consultancy companies (MELIUS, ARCOLA Research), an educational software developer company (LYNX), and two international educational networks (European Students Union and European Distance and E-Learning Network).


Contact person

University of Macerata, Italy

Pier Giuseppe Rossi

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

Krisztina Fehér

University of Seville, Spain

Juan de Pablos Pons


Maria Chiara Vita Finzi

European Distance and E-Learning Network - EDEN, UK

Livia Turzó

ARCOLA Research, UK

Joe Cullen

LYNX, Italy

Stefano Penge

European Students Union - ESU, Belgium

Natalia Tarachiu


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