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Recommended sessions

Inspire! - an unconventional forum with young scholars - Session F6, 14 June (Friday) 14:10-15:15

This forum is to be organised in collaboration with young researchers and well-known scholars participating and presenting at the conference. The dedicated forum intends to allow its participants to meet and discuss the most relevant themes emerging from the side of the young. The consultation with their peers and with a group of senior scholars presents an opportunity to the more novice to enhance the effectiveness and quality of their work. This interactive session is OPEN TO ALL who consider themselves young enough to benefit from the discussion OR experienced enough to enrich the debate by their own insights and opinions. Feel free to share the session with your peers.

Open Education for All and ICTs by the VISIR Network - Session B5, 13 June (Thursday), 14:30-16:00

The VISIR project – “Vision, Scenarios, Insights and Recommendations" is the initiative of European networks aiming to develop shared vision on how ICT may help making lifelong learning a reality. The theme “Open education for all – the role of ICT” will be presented from a broader perspective, beyond the often used OER context: about openness of education from the perspective of making education “ to people, places, methods and ideas”. This will start from the most successful European initiative of the OU UK, followed by presenting and few more cases and discussing with the audience along thoughtprovoking questions.

Fostering the Joy of Teaching and Learning through Open Educational Practices - Session B6, 13 June (Thursday), 14:30-16:00

Open Discovery Space (ODS) is the largest e-Learning project which ever has been funded by the European Commission with a budget of 15.3 Mio € and involving 51 partners from 20 European countries. It focuses on the school sector and aims to design and develop innovative learning methodologies and instruments by promoting and realizing Open Education, opening up content by centralizing the access to European learning content repositories, and extending their functionalities through an own toolset. The workshop participants (face-to-face and virtual participants as well) will be encouraged in an action research setting to 1) exchange their experiences about their use of Open Educational Resources (OER), to 2) discuss barriers against the use of OERs and 3) jointly develop problem solutions.

Carer+: Towards a Digital Competence Framework for Care Workers in Domiciliary Care - Session C3, 13 June (Thursday), 16:30-18:00

The Carer+ Digital Competence Framework adopts the modern notion of digital competence understood both as a key competence for employability and a comprehensive life skill. In addition, the Framework identifies the transversal as well as professional competences that help care workers implement digital technology in domiciliary care, and improve the quality of life of older people. As a result of a 1 year research, the project consortium presents the Competence Framework at the EDEN 2013 Annual Conference on 12-15 June 2013 in Oslo, Norway.

Transitions into Higher Education: Can the Use of Digital Media, Serious Games and Virtual Worlds Support Learning to Learn Competencies? - Session G4, 15 June (Saturday), 9:15-10:45

The eLene2learn network has been identifying and exploring the use of existing practices, tools and methodologies. The approach and the results of the project will be presented, including national pilot implementations with direct contributions of teachers, enhanced by an online webinar. The preparatory work has already begun, if you wish to contribute to the list of advantages, disadvantages and ways of ICT usage (that will be discussed in Oslo), please fill in this form. Would you wish to participate the webinar, please join this Adobe Connect room. The workshop/webinar will conclude in an invitation to participants to become associate partners of the network.

How to Power-up Communities behind OER Initiatives - Session H5, 15 June (Saturday), 11:15-12:30

This workshop develops shared consensus on the concept of OER and OER Communities. Participants may visualise their own learning ties and reflect on the influence these learning ties have for their own use. To attend this webinar, use this form to receive your personal usernames and passwords before the workshop starts (to make it easier and quicker to use the web 2.0 tool The Network Awareness Tool) and to be sent the URL of the online meeting room.

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