Issue 3 - Sep. 2013


Project Newsletter

Review and revive VET practices (Revive-VET)

The Revive-VET project aims at reviewing and reviving VET practices with the focus to improve the quality, attractiveness and accessibility of VET services. This is done by integrating ICT methodologies and building online communities of VET professionals and improving VET service quality with peer reviewing and benchmarking in the areas of continuing professional development (including teacher training) and creativity, business and citizen skills fostering on four levels – (1) institutional, (2) curriculum, (3) continuous professional skill development, and (4) overall quality assurance process level.

While some VET actors are more advanced and are familiar with online professional communities, others are still operating under outdated and "inefficient" mechanisms, struggling hard with old-fashioned practice methods.

Our project addresses the need to develop the key skills and competences (in particular digital and technological competences, and capability to live and work in an increasingly diverse society and active citizenship) of VET teachers and trainers, and institutional managers in order to cope with the future challenges, and their involvement in curriculum development.

Another priority area, Revive-VET addresses, is to improve quality assurance practices at VET institutions.

The project exploits former Leonardo and other projects in the area of quality assurance, in order to prepare VET institutions to transfer guidelines, tools and products aiming at the successful implementation and use of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework. The quality assurance is achieved by using self assessment and peer review approach in customised processes.

Quality criteria tool

Our online community consists of four expert sub-groups – if you are interested to join, please visit the EDEN NAP Members Area. We are now in the process of online consultations with external experts on our suggested quality criteria on 4 levels. Your feedback is invited and highly appreciated, please chose a level and leave your comments after having read the uploaded documents and/or viewing the recording of the related presentation.

Quality criteria for ICT development:

Revive VET tools (to download)

To clarify proposals and procedures in carrying out your own Revive-VET peer reviews, self-assessment and for data gathering and analysis, the developers produced Video Training Materials and Guidelines on the use of Quality Tools – these are downloadable from the website and also available offline (on a CD-ROM), introducing the quality tools, the overall quality assurance scheme, ICT development at institutional level, curriculum level, and the development at continuous professional skill development level.

Project Coordinator

Vytautas Magnus University Innovative Studies Institute (LT)
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