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Bringing YOU into the spotlight



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4th Newsletter – Bringing YOU into the spotlight

Towards the end of the second year of our activities we have plenty of evidences, both quantitative (e.g. the 85 total participants at our international events + hundreds attending the numerous national focus group activities or the 133 members of the eLene2learn Facebook group) and qualitative (positive user feedback and appreciative testimonials), to prove the excellence of the eLene2learn project. We must be doing things right, as our lively multi-stakeholder community of teachers, pupils, students, researchers and decision makers (representing countries from across the EU) continues to grow and expand. The unchangingly strong focus of our work on the contribution of ICT and digital media in supporting the development of learning to learn competencies in lifelong learning transitions engages old and new representatives of our target audiences, who can discuss and exchange strategies and practices in smoothening pupils’, students’ and adults’ move from secondary school to university, their entering into employment, moving back into training / education or to re-skill and upgrade competencies.

The eLene2learn team would like to thank YOU, our community members for your contribution to this success.

What do people say about our work?

Having completed 32 national Focus Group activities organised in 8 countries and 3 international hybrid workshops (combined with online webinars) held in Porto in June 2012, Leuven in October 2012 and Oslo in June 2013, the partnership already collected and presented 47 successful cases (this number is still increasing – please let us know if you would like your case to be added to the collection) from different countries into the so-called “How to” guide for teachers in Secondary and Higher Education. If you are a teacher, trainer, tutor or professor who understands and recognises the importance of learning to learn competencies, from these cases you can learn how to integrate various ICT tools into your teaching and training with very concrete examples of activities for your pupils/students.

Your feedback is important to us

Recently our Finnish partners have conducted short interviews to evaluate the level of beneficiary satisfaction and to identify the best experiences highlighted by those secondary school teachers who participated the eLene2learn activities. Here are a few quotes from the answers given to the question “What advantages or use have you got from participating in the eLene2learn project?”:

“Because of the project I have found and learned to use new ICT based methods and begin to use those in teaching. I have thought about my old methods from a new and more critical point of view. I hope I even get more new ideas from the international reports of the project. Thanks to the meetings of the initial phase of the project I got contact (networked) with the SE teachers from two other schools.”

“I learned to use Google Drive and I got the courage to try it with the pupils. I have used it a lot and later also SkyDrive in different collaborative learning assignments. It has increased my use of ICT in teaching and made the assignments more meaningful and collaborative. I have encouraged my pupils to begin to use the new ICT tools with the “philosophy” that the tools and services change, but in life you need the courage to face the challenges and look for the best and meaningful ICT tools for one’s learning and working aims.”

“The biggest advantage of eLene2learn project has been the implementation of different tools independent of time and place as part of teaching. It has also been important that the tools used during the project will accompany the students as they continue from one school to the next level.”

“It has been useful to get familiar with ePortfolio. I have used it in English course, where pupils made their own blogs and a CV, which they will update later. A great advantage of the ePortfolio has been to the French language classes, where the eight pupils’ group remains the same from course to course and we have been able to collect pupils’ texts and other outputs according to the themes. This way the pupils see in a concrete way how their language skills develop and when graduated from SE they can use the portfolio as a demonstration on their French skills.”

“I had got familiar with the GoogleDrive before the project, but participating the project was a good reason for myself to write user instructions for pupils and use GD with the whole group with my support. The outcomes were encouraging as the pupils greeted the use so positively. From a teacher’s point of view working together and sharing the learning and outputs were the best in my project. Therefore, I have made good use of this Google service in other courses afterwards.”

“The most concrete benefit is that I have thought my teaching methods from a new viewpoint.”

Similar interviews have been (and still are) conducted in all the eLene2learn partner countries, some even recorded on film. Please, check out what our Italian and Greek target audiences have said about their experiences with our activities. More videos will be published and shared before the end of 2013 – we’ll keep you posted.

Webinar on Blogs and ePortfolios

imageOn the 20th of September at 10:00 am CET the third eLene2Learn webinar will take place, this time delivered to you by the University of Bremen. The event will begin by surveying the participants’ experiences who can share their experiences with the use of ePortfolios and blogs and discuss whether and how they have been using these. Then, after a short introduction to the eLene2Learn project itself and a quick look at the previous project outcomes, two experts from the University of Bremen will show how they implement ePortfolios and blogs in teaching.

Both themes target mainly first year students and try to support the development of learning to learn competencies. The blogs course is completely online and available to all the university students while the ePortfolios, up until now, is provided for students in the Biology department. Afterwards the French partners will present their implementation and the webinar will finish with a discussion on the two subjects. Please join us in the eLene2learn Adobe Connect virtual conference room on Friday at 10 am.

eLene2learn Transnational Workshop

imageOn 19-21 October 2013 there will be another unique opportunity to catch up with us, this time in Budapest at a special Transnational Workshop, organised by EDEN. This interactive event, that you can attend free of charge, has a particular focus on the project’s implications for secondary education. Participants from several Member States will come together to exchange ideas and experience relating to the approaches they are implementing or planning to implement, based on experiences in 3 selected ICT areas: (A) social networks, (B) digital media, serious games and virtual worlds and (C) ePortfolios and blogs.

Would you wish to participate the event (face to face or online), please complete the online registration form and start arranging your travel and accommodation, as Budapest is still very busy in October. Please, also note that the places are limited, so you are advised to secure your registration as soon as you can. Once the places fill up, EDEN will close the registration and you will only be able to attend the event online.

We also invite you to join our Facebook group and add the event to your calendar. News about the workshop and its activities will also be posted on the eLene2learn project website.

Meet the person behind the username

The eLene2learn consortium has a very strong intention to remain in every user’s eyes a group of dedicated flesh and blood individuals. In every newsletter, a core partner will introduce themselves and their research interest as well as their tasks within the project. In this newsletter we would like to introduce to you Martina Salm from the Centre for Multimedia in Education (ZMML) at Bremen University.

imageMartina joined the University of Bremen in 2001 and has been working as an instructional designer at the Centre for Multimedia in Higher Education (ZMML).

She has a background as consulting pedagogue for schools and teachers helping them in finding appropriate educational software and was a lecturer for the use of ICT in schools for both teachers and children.

At the University, Martina is responsible for the qualification and support of University staff, mainly lecturers, concerning eLearning in higher education. Since ZMML offers e-learning services to the whole of the University, Martina is the main contact person for the departments, consulting them on their e-learning needs. As a community manager she is responsible for building up a network of university staff involved in e-learning and is the administrator of the university wide e-learning platform. She also offers workshops on e-learning related topics and ICT training.

In eLene2learn her responsibilities include – after the finalisation of the practice exchange activities – the coordination of Work Group C (learning to learn with ePortfolios and blogs) during the implementation phase. Martina and her colleagues in Bremen also organise the peer review process of the case studies.

Keep in touch and help to extend the network

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your colleagues and encourage them to visit the keep an eye on the project portal and/or join the eLene2learn Facebook group. With questions and enquiries, please contact:

Coordinator: METID – Politecnico di Milano, IT (

Partners: Université de Lorraine, FR; European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN), UK; ZMML, Universität Bremen, DE; Ellinogermaniki Agogi, GR; Open University of Catalonia (UOC), ES; University of Helsinki, FI; Maria Curie Sklodowska University – University Centre for Distance Learning, PL; University of Dundee, UK

You receive this newsletter as a service of the EDEN e-mail list. EDEN is a contributing partner in the eLene2learn project, that is co-funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme.



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