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ICT and learning to learn competences, teacher training and learner support

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This is the collaboration Page for the theme of "ICT and learning to learn competences, teacher training and learner support" at the Synergy Workshop takes place in Budapest on the 19th.  T

Virtual Post-it wall

Share your resources on the  virtual post-it wall on Lino: you can publish small (Post-it-like) stickers, such as links to resources, videos from YouTube, images and small notes/comments.

Google Doc

Please, indicate what you, your institution and/or project can OFFER and what you would NEED (1 suggestion / post-it) within the theme, selecting one of the following 4 categories:

  1. joint event (when and where)
  2. reciprocal piloting/peer review (what, when, how)
  3. community sustainability (where and who)
  4. new partnership (aims and objectives)

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Group created during the Workshop (click)

Notes taken for the Piloting Subgroup by Dr Allison Hudson

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projects here: Mozalearn, elearn2learn, Digiskills, Transit, HandsonICT, Peep, OntoHR, Medasses, Eduworks, Smart, Mooge.

Plus participants interested in project results

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

Four themes: a joints events, projects in need of piloting or peer review, projects in need of sustainability, or proposals for a new partnerships

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

We sit into 4 smaller groups ariund the four main themes. More theme for a small group: teachers' practices, case studies:

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

We are looking at: the culture of ICT in teaching practices. In need of change: attitudes towards methodologies, how do teachers analyse students'skills and activities? are teachers comfortable enough to use technology? 

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

Feedback on this from Hungary related to language learning: it's easy to learn if teachers want it.

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

So how do you create a community of open minded teachers? finland example: training for school specific trainings for teachers. Share success story: local level, on the level of institution. How about national level? One solution common accreditation scheme on a European level. 

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

Challenge for accreditation: national educational and further educational accreditation systems.

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

Scotland challenge: the culture of teaching: teachers are used to sharing offline, with their colleagues across the corridor or in the teachers's room, they are resilient in sharing. How do we go from personal level to a creating culture?

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

Sustainability of projects: somehow the resources should be maintained, after project funding. NEED FOR PROJECT RESULTS REPOSITORY ( extention of EVE)

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

Now defining learner support. is it independent from technology? What is the role of commercial games on ICT tools in learning?

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

Need for repository of conent according to themes: teacher training, tescher community, project deliverables 

Eva Suba 2321 days ago

Link to Opening Up Education presentation (summary of priorities) from Yves Punie, IPTS


Deborah Arnold 2321 days ago