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ICT supported language teaching and learning

We would like to begin our collaboration exercise in the theme of "ICT supported language teaching and learning" before the Synergy Workshop takes place in Budapest on the 19th, and aim to continue elaborating on our working documents during and after the conference.

You are invited to post your thoughts and/or resources here in the EDEN 2013 Synergy Workshop group of the NAP Members Area as well as on the conference's virtual post-it wall on Lino: you can publish small (Post-it-like) stickers, such as links to resources, videos from YouTube, images and small notes/comments related to your projects and/or the Synergy Workshop themes. Linoit is an ICT tool we will be using during the conference days. We highly recommend you to join our group, although your registration is only optional.

Please, indicate what you, your institution and/or project can OFFER and what you would NEED (1 suggestion / post-it) within the theme, selecting one of the following 4 categories:

  1. joint event (when and where)
  2. reciprocal piloting/peer review (what, when, how)
  3. community sustainability (where and who)
  4. new partnership (aims and objectives)

Your post-its should bear your name and contact and any further information you find necessary for fellow participants to understand your suggestions.

If you feel uncomfortable using, please click here to access the Google Doc.

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Tabello online language learning program - part of a Hungarian educational project. Klara Demjen suggests to talk about. .

Klara Demjen 2288 days ago

Challenges: poland: lack of interest from students to use ICT. they don't feel comfortable, there's lack of equipment at the University.

Eva Suba 2286 days ago

Teachers interested in using blended learning within the framework of a project: take a look at the Open Discovery Space project

Eva Suba 2286 days ago

You will find courses for teachers, community of practices of your interest

Eva Suba 2286 days ago

Some experiences with edmondo (please, note that it is a commercial service)

Eva Suba 2286 days ago

Challenge: how to get high quality open resources specifically meant for language learning

Eva Suba 2286 days ago

Eg, will be harvested by ODS soon

Eva Suba 2286 days ago

Barrier for OER resources: registration of users

Eva Suba 2286 days ago