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Teachers' practices & case studies

Notes from the discussions. Go on, discuss here!

  • We are looking at: the culture of ICT in teaching practices. In need of change: attitudes towards methodologies, how do teachers analyse students'skills and activities? are teachers comfortable enough to use technology?
  • Feedback on this from Hungary related to language learning: it's easy to learn if teachers want it.
  • So how do you create a community of open minded teachers? finland example: training for school specific trainings for teachers. Share success story: local level, on the level of institution. How about national level? One solution common accreditation scheme on a European level.
  • Scotland challenge: the culture of teaching: teachers are used to sharing offline, with their colleagues across the corridor or in the teachers's room, they are resilient in sharing. How do we go from personal level to a creating culture?
  • Now defining learner support. is it independent from technology? What is the role of commercial games on ICT tools in learning?
  • Need for repository of content according to themes: teacher training, teacher community, project outcome (actual content)
  • Link to Opening Up Education presentation (summary of priorities) from Yves Punie, IPTS

  • More notes :
  • The Open Educational Resources working group's discussions are interesting for us

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