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3rd CARER+ Newsletter


This is the official newsletter of the European project CARER+ 

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Mentors Receive Training in Romania and Latvia

Piloting institutions in Romania (EOS Romania) and Latvia (Latvian Samaritan union -LSA) have carried out the first part of the specialised training to prepare mentors for the upcoming piloting phase of the CARER+ project. The purpose of the trainings was to prepare the mentors for the pending piloting stage of the project. The participants, mainly from the field of social care, were trained in both countries by the super trainers and local experts in the country’s respective home care sector. Mentors received both theoretical and practical information regarding the upcoming piloting stages. Apart from covering the general aspect of the CARER+ project, participants were presented other similar projects and given concrete information on the different aspects of home care delivery in Romania.
by Masha Tarle, Telecentres 

Executive Summary of Competence Framework Online

The Executive Summary of the CARER+ Digital Competence Framework was shared on for further reading. Acknowledging the IPTS origin of the competences in Domain A, a special thanks to the colleagues at IPTS for consultation on DIGCOMP, the EC’s digital competence framework. We are also proud that following a long and fruitful collaboration with the researchers of DIGCOMP, the CARER+ Competence Framework has strong ties with DIGCOMP and thus is supporting a standardised and transparent digital competence acknowledgement on the field of care.
by Eva Suba, EDEN  

CARER+ at the 1st Silver Economy Expo

The 1st Silver Economy Expo takes place in Paris, France on the 5th and 6th December, under the high patronage of Michèle Delaunay, French Deputy Minister in charge of Older people and Autonomy. This exhibition aims to bring together business and community leaders, academics and the public sector to discuss ways to address the challenges and opportunities of our aging population. At this occasion, Thomas Arbouet, European Project Officer for IPERIA, will give a lecture on the development of digital competences by carers. He will come back on the CARER+ project and focus on how the human factor is essential to the appropriation of ICT tools by older people. Learn more about the Silver Economy Expo here:

News from partners

Webportal to be Renewed
The CARER+ partnership is working on the relaunch of it's webportal. The renewed website will offer easier navigation, new services such as the Competence Wiki and a tested and reviewed new visual representation of the project. Stay tuned for the relaunch, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

European Federation for Family Employment (EFFE) Born
The kick-off meeting of European Federation of Family Employment (EFFE) has taken place in the European Parliament in the presence and under the high patronage of the MEP Marian Harkin (ALDE). This organisation wishes to set in motion an economic, social, and societal dynamic until now unprecedented in Europe. It is developing for the first time an approach in which families and households are assuming new roles, including that of employer: this economic role will grow given the current social and societal changes in Europe. By Melanie Groemer, FEPEM

DISCO II Award Nomination

DISCO II, European Dictionary of Skills and Competences‘ is in close relation with the CARER+ Competence Framework developed under the leadership of the CARER+ partner, 3S Unternehmensberatung. It has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award in the category “Products and Results with Impact”  at the Austrian Agency for Lifelong Learning.

Digital Tools and Domiciliary Care

Le Monde published a 2-page study on the positive impact of digital tools on domiciliary care for older people. According to the article in the Science and Technology section of Le Monde online, care workers are in the frontline of this digital revolution. To read the full story, click for Article in French

Home care services in Europe

Eurofound launched its new report “More and Better Jobs in Home Care Services” at a one-day conference in Brussels on 12 September 2013. The conference assessed the policy challenges for home care services, particularly in relation to job creation, working conditions, and the quality of jobs. Read about it.

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