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Dear Group Members,

Please, observe the following group netiquette when interacting with each other here. Thank you.

Add a profile picture – Everyone likes to “see” who they are talking to. It’s easy to do and having a picture on file does make you look more reputable and professional.

Respectful posting – Remember, what you do on the internet is a reflection of you, please be positive and encouraging.

No advertisements - Please refrain from plain advertisements of products/events that are not part of this conference. Would you wish to post on such topic, please, contact the EDEN Secretariat beforehand.

Addressing peers – If you see a post by another NAP member you wish to reflect on, please mention the post you refer to, inlcuding the NAP Member contact so she/he can reply

Quotes and References - If you quote an external source (especially if you reference a scientific work), please always add appropriate references. Online references shall include direct links. Please, make sure that your references are SPAM free.

Remember that this network consists of human beings whose culture, language, and humor have different points of reference from your own. 

"As social interaction increases in cyberspace, it's important to realize the impact our words can have. Without the visual or auditory cues we take for granted in the real world, we may forget the humanity of those who read them. Social netiquette provides useful rules to avoid offending other members of our virtual community." - Learn The Net, 2010

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