Issue 3 - Jan 2014


Call for Final Conference: ICT and e-Skills for Social Care





Care-workers in home care and older persons are exposed to the risk of social exclusion as they are both often at the margins of society and likely to be the victim of exclusion in the fast-changing digital world. ICTs and associated competences have been shown to be a critical component in mitigating these risks of exclusion and helping to support an increased quality of life. The acquisition of digital skills is essential for both those in the care sector and families. In the family employment sector we find over half of all private individual employers aged 60 years old and over, and low-skilled women representing the majority of household employees.



In response to these pressing needs, the careNET project has identified key digital competences to support inclusion of care-workers in a new world of professionalisation and led on-the-job experiments with household carers in partnership with older people. The methodology led to competence-based learning paths and resources based on cooperative learning between care workers and care recipients to promote improved quality of care and quality of life through the acquisition of care related digital competences. In addition, to answer specific needs, learning modules for individual learning, addressing competences for employability and self-development (for care workers) and competences for active ageing (older people) have also been created. Learning centres were established and an online social network to support collaborative thinking of carers is being set up.


Call for Presentation

On 26 February 2014 in Brussels an international conference will be organised to share the lessons learned and to collaborate with other initiatives of the field and to establish further use of these results.

We invite practitioners, organisations and researchers to join the consortium in discussing what ways open up for the care-sector in the brave new world of digital inclusion.


How to contribute?

You may submit presentation of projects, research in progress reports and research results (10 min presentation) or demonstration of tools ( demonstration) in the following topics:

  1. the identified needs for professionalization of care workers;
  2. increased access to learning opportunities in the care sector;
  3. personal development of care workers;
  4. overcoming the isolation of older people;
  5. active ageing.

Submissions shall be sent via e-mail to: Laure Lhermet, IPERIA by 10 February 2014.

Selected submissions will be invited to participate and present at the event and will be published online.


What will happen during the conference?

The Conference will open with high profile keynote speakers from all around Europe elaborating on ICT skills in social care. Following the presentation of the CareNET project, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the CareNET national cases including a showcase summary. To support networking and to create a possibility for other initiatives to collaborate, the CareNET showcase will be followed by presentations and demonstrations of other similar initiatives’ results. Coffee breaks and buffet lunch will be provided.

Programme structure

The entire conference will be streamed live online via Adobe Connect.


Registration for participation

Registration and participation at the conference is free of charge. Only participants who registered via the online form may participate. Registration closes on 17 February. Registration is required for the on-site conference and for the online streaming as well.

Please fill in the online registration form.



The Brussels Press Club is a venue with a good atmosphere and where journalists can often be seen. Due to its central location (Schuman Metro stop) it’s easy to reach from all parts of Brussels.

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