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Issue 4 - Febr 2014



Project Newsletter – Issue 4


CareNET Final Conference: Challenges for care-workers in the digital age

„The ICT and e-Skills for Social Care Conference“ was organised by the careNET project in the Brussels Press Club on 26 February 2014. The recording of the entire conference including presentations talks and discussions will be soon available online. The event brought together social care professionals with policy-makers striving for responsive, competence-based and needs-oriented care systems face to face and online. The Conference was streamed online via Adobe Connect to provide open and free access: parallel conferences were organised by the consortium in Odense (Denmark), Paris (France) and Burgos (Spain).

The programme opened with keynote speakers elaborating on the role of (ICT) skills and competences in social care. Keynote speakers included Mme Marie-Béatrice Levaux, President of the European Federation for Family Employment (EFFE) and Stephanie Carretero, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies- Joint Research Centre, European Commission who talked about the policy issues and research perspective of technology in European social care. Thanks to the pivotal questions and current challenges in the field addressed in their talks, valuable and high quality discussions evolved around the situation of informal carers with migrant background and the need for stronger involvement of older people in European initiatives and research.

Read about details and the link to the recording of the conference here.



Call for Open Pilot

The careNET Consortium is inviting organisations outside the Consortium and potentially from other countries to join an Open Pilot experience. It is an open and free possibility for home care service providers or other organisations dealing with home care workers or older people as receivers of home care to take part in a pilot exercise.

Organisations joining the pilot will receive full access to the key outputs of the project including the map of domains of competences, learning path and learning resources, and other tools of the Virtual Learning Environment. Pilot organisations will also receive methodological support from the Consortium.

Read more about the open pilot here.



Validation seminars of the Spanish and French pilots

In the last phase of the careNET pilots, launched in November 2013 the piloting partners, FBIS and IPERIA organised two validation seminars to introduce the project and the pilots to thank the local and national partners and to discuss the first outcomes.

On 21th February 2014 in Burgos (Spain), FBIS presented the careNET project and the Spanish pilot to the local stakeholders and the media. To improve further the quality of life of older people and the professionalisation of care workers in Spain, FBIS encouraged the participants to access the tools of the Virtual Learning Environment and to implement the careNET training.

On 10th February 2014 in Paris (France), IPERIA gathered together several stakeholders in the framework of the French validation seminar and invited Juliette Boulanger as expert in home care and independent living markets. Mrs Boulanger presented her analysis of the careNET pilot on the basis of the acceptability factors of the digital use by older people at different levels. At the individual level, the project considered the usefulness of the technology-based care, the simplicity of the use of ICT and the motivation of the participants. At the social level, the project empowered the care workers as learning mediators of ICT skills towards older people. At the organisational level, it committed to sustainable action.

Read more about these events here.


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