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Position paper for the 2014 NAP SC election

I confirm my intention to stand for election to the position of Chair of the Steering Committee for the EDEN Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP). I have been a member of EDEN for many years, and attended my first EDEN conference at Poitiers, in 1996. I have since regularly attended EDEN events, and now as an EDEN Fellow and NAP Steering Committee member I have become more deeply acquainted with the ethos and mission of EDEN. I believe it is a pivotal organisation that can pride itself in promoting excellence, innovative practices and networking widely around the concept of technology supported learning.

I have had the honour to serve as an elected member of the NAP Steering Committee for the past 3 years, and during my period of office I have come to understand and appreciate many of the diverse needs and interests of our global community of members. I am also aware of the hectic profiles and busy lifestyles of many of our NAP members and appreciate that time and resources are often at a premium. If I am elected as NAP chair, I will take these factors into consideration as we plan our future provision of member services and activities. Some existing services could be better streamlined and made more accessible to encourage greater use and application (see my statement below).

One of my main priorities as NAP Chair would be to work more closely with the EDEN secretariat, and specifically with those team members who manage the technical and social media aspects of EDEN. I would also undertake to work closely with the elected Steering Committee and consult regularly with the NAP membership to discover early trends in interest and need.

Another priority will be to examine our current social media provision which there is a great opportunity to expand and enhance. For example, the nascent EDEN YouTube channel can be significantly developed and extended to reach a wider, global audience of existing and potential new members. The central social media (Elgg platform) site would also benefit from some revision and upgrading, particularly around accessibility.

My third priority will be to establish a more regular and robust forum for EDEN members to discuss relevant and emerging professional issues. Thereby, if elected, I intend to establish a regular Twitter backchannel called #NAPchat, where members can discuss professional issues in an open and focused manner. It is envisaged that this chat channel will eventually be managed by ordinary EDEN members, and that they will vote each time for specific topics to discuss. It is also envisaged that through social media channels such as Twitter, the EDEN organisation and its services and events can be showcased and promoted more widely than has been previously achieved.

Finally, if elected, I intend to promote more engaging and wide reaching social media and technical activities during official EDEN conferences and workshops, including greater delegate and member engagement in backchannels, social media reportage and usage (e.g. blogging), conference voting and polling, and video/audio documentation of events as they unfold (both real time streaming and recording). Provision should also be made to organise NAP meetings during each official event to as a forum for member introductions and networking, new project collaboration opportunities and for discussion of other relevant professional issues in a face-to-face, relaxed and informal style.

If I am afforded the support of the EDEN membership and secretariat, I will endeavour to do my best to lead a NAP Steering Committee that will embellish EDEN’s already excellent reputation, and extend the organisation’s influence more extensively at a global level across all learning sectors.

Steve Wheeler
7 January, 2014


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