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Executive Summary - VISIR Third Consultation


Understand, network, mainstream ICT for learning in Europe

Results of the VISIR Third Consultation


Executive Summary - Main Findings

Introducing the third consultation, the first question was asking respondents about their position as innovators and these reflections make a valuable part of the survey findings. Clearly, the consultation has reached a community with effective practice, experience, diverse motivations in learning innovation with strong commitment and good understanding of the scene. The attitude and personal motivation of teachers to become innovative actors could be seen as most significant among the reasons why they consider themselves ‘innovative’. Service oriented culture in the institutions is also an important enabler. Innovation is understood often as a process: with theory and practice, experimenting – implementing – evaluating the application of ICT tools. Quite a few respondents mentioned that they are not only using the new methods in their activities but also do research and experimentation in the field, analyzing the results of non-conventional practices. Innovation is identified as important tool to motivate the students, enhance their learning experience and develop their full potential. 

The main barrier to be dealt with seems to be the competence of teachers and trainers. Lack of methodology, lack of time and lack of funds for content development are also among the highlighted obstacles. Participants also raised the necessity of change-management on the field that is connected to the also mentioned problem of the lack of leadership’s openness and even the awareness of the necessity of innovation and the lack of both moral and financial support. The ‘blame culture’, the risk-avoiding attitude is strongly related to the lack of motivation. There is also a clear need for more evidence of the usefulness of such methods and research has an important role here.

The top enablers of ICT-fostered innovation in education seem to be the training on recognition and implementation of innovation and funds and development programmes for innovative projects. Flexibility in the curriculum and timetables in schools are also important and more evidence of effectiveness of using ICT in education is requested. The role of the institutional management in innovation is a determining factor. There is a clear need for a solid pedagogical vision and ICT strategy that is communicated by the leaders. An open-minded and flexible organization culture is the ideal environment for innovators. The importance of research was widely highlighted. 

There was a clear consistency shown between responses to the barriers and the enablers. Necessity of training of all actors at all levels is highlighted, to prepare them for using innovative methods and tools - and not only on how to use them but also on why to use them. 

Amongst the good examples, development resources for innovative teachers and the support networking among innovators was ranked on first place. Institutional recognition, paying respect to innovation performance and career advancements for innovators rewarding successful innovation was found important:  when teachers can see the added value and feel their responsibility, it becomes important motivational factor. The significance of sharing knowledge and networking was emphasized: innovators should have sufficient resources for networking, sharing of practices and for promotion of innovation accelerators. Stakeholder involvement was also addressed by sharing and co-creation within Public - Commons partnerships or Public-Common-Private partnerships.



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