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First issue - Digiskills Newsletter

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Educators welcome!

Are you teaching in a school, at a university or in other educational institution?
Do you use digital tools as part of your classroom practice?
Do you want to meet others doing the same?

What special is in this community is that there are no barriers between secondary, higher and adult learning practices. Everyone can learn and inspire each other. The curriculum and the content may be different, but you may find a meaningful methodology, or an interesting tool.

Join our community and:

Share Your Good Practice!
Join our European Workshop!

The project builds a good practice collection for teachers' on-the-job learning and practice. The workshop takes place as part of the Synergy sessions of the EDEN 2014 Annual Conference in Zagreb on 10-13 June, 2014. The Digiskills Workshop is combined with the Working group: Inspiring teachers' practices and will be organised in several sessions
-> Register now for the whole conference

Focus Groups and Transnational Good Practice Forum
In October 2013 several focus groups were organized in various countries with primary secondary school teachers and university professors.
The main goal was to receive comments on teaching and learning practices along with some concrete suggestions for potential improvement. In most countries, partipicants agreed that ways of teaching can be improved/changed and that technology should not be the goal, but the tool. The focus groups were accompanied by an international event: the First Synergy Workshop in collaboration with the eLearn2learn project.

For all levels of education essential aspects are pedagogical/andragogical: the use of technology in the teaching and learning process should be driven by relevant acknowledged methodology and pedagogical practices.

Read about the First Synergy event and browse the resources shared:
First Synergy Workshop website

New Good Practices Online:

Digital Brainstorming: "group work where groups are asked to discuss a question, find information about a subject, test different ICT tools or web services, brainstorm ideas..."-> Read more
Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum: "This free, open and online course (MOOC) has been designed for anyone with an interest in curriculum and learning design..." -> Read more
Teachers' Contest:
Are your teaching entrepreneurial skills in interdisciplinary way? Enter this contest to win:
  • A five-day training seminar of Entredu 2014 summer school, 13-18 July at the Greek coast
  • 3 places at EDEN Annual Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, 10–13 June 2014
Read about the ENTREDU contest:

12th Science Festival:
12th Science Festival (hr. Festival znanosti) took place from 7th to 14th April 2014. During the course of the Festival in all major cities in Croatia a number of activities promoted science for children, students of primary, secondary and higher education as well as all interested general public.
Workshops, presentations, exhibitions, discussions, scientific cafes and performances presented science in popular, cheerful and understandable way. -> Read more


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