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Conference Programme Highlights


E-learning at work and the workplace

Conference Updates

Keynote News

imageProfessor Terry Anderson (Athabasca University, Canada), is one of the iconic figures of contemporary education. Steve Wheeler (Plymouth University, UK) had the chance to reach him for an interview. Terry is one of the pioneers of online and distance learning, and we are delighted that he will be delivering a keynote speech at this year's EDEN Conference. His work around the study of social and cognitive presence in distance learning contexts has been cited many times.

Further interviews with the other keynote speakers are coming in the next weeks.

Best Research Paper Award Shortlisting in Progress

Nine EDEN Best Research Paper Awards have been granted at EDEN annual conferences as well as EDEN research workshops since this award has been launched in 2008. This year's selection process is not different from previous years, the shortlisting of high-quality research papers is in progress as we speak. Dr. Ulrich Bernath, Head of the Best Research Paper Award Committee for the EDEN Conferences has been recently talking about the Award in his mini-interview. Read about the Best Research Paper Award here.

Over 40 European Projects Join the Synergy Strand in Zagreb

This year's Synergy sessions will be showcasing an impressive group of European projects working towards practices and solutions for ICT competence development and use at work. Browse the selection of Synergy projects and see how the Synergy Working Group sessions will create the buzz at the conference after joining the Conference Group!

See what happens at the Synergy sessions here.

Workshop highlights

Join the VM-Pass Living Lab

Today’s learners are increasingly taking advantage of more flexible and non-formal learning opportunities through a variety of Open Educational Practices (OEP). However, there is usually no formal link with the institution, and achievements may not be accepted elsewhere, restricting learner mobility. The VM-Pass project’s mission is to give non-formal learning achievements meaning within the formal education system. The workshop serves as an opportunity for interested institutions to receive information on:

  • open learning recognition as a concept,
  • the Recognition Clearinghouse and the learning passport,
  • how to join the on-going VM-Pass living lab on open learning recognition, which is piloting the passport and an online clearing house.

U.S. Approach to Gainful Employment, Funding Mechanism, and International Partnerships

A critical problem impacting employers today is a lack of trained, skilled workers that are qualified for the positions that they have available. While these positions remain vacant, there are many individuals across the United States who are unemployed or underemployed because they don’t currently have the skills or education required to obtain affordable wage employment.

This workshop, led by U.S. Distance Learning Association leaders, will focus on one approach the United States is taking to address the challenge. Some of the best approaches taken by TAACCCT grantees will be highlighted, and will also highlight an effective U.S./European partnership, a recipient of a USDLA International award.

Initiatives and policies for OER Uptake – the final stocktake

This workshop will present the final results of the ongoing second survey of OER initiatives and OER policies being carried out by POERUP, updating on a global basis the POERUP work on 30 country reports in 2012. The conclusions represent two of the three main strands of work in POERUP (the third being case studies).

The workshop will be the final formal opportunity for delegates to interact with the project and in particular to let the project know of any ongoing (especially new) initiatives and policy measures which they have not collected.

Digiskills European Workshop: Inspiring teaching practices and competence development for ubiquitous learning

The Digiskills project supports teachers of all levels of education to enhance their ICT competences and combine them with pedagogy, to integrate ICT in the curriculum and in the institutional daily work and organisational development. The project builds a good practice collection for teachers' on-the-job learning and practice. The workshop takes place as part of the Synergy sessions combined with the Working group: Inspiring teachers' practices. Interested participants will have the chance to:

  • learn: browse examples of innovative teaching,
  • share: show off their own teaching practices,
  • connect and get inspired by each other.

Online Registration

The EDEN Secretariat is taking care of the registration for the Annual Conference. Please visit the Online Registration Form to join the event. All attendees (presenters or audience) are expected to register by completing the form and arranging the respective payment.

Registration fee includes access to all conference facilities, the online collaboration platform, the electronic Conference Proceedings, the printed Book of Abstracts (including the Synergy "Book of Projects"), the Welcome Cocktail, lunches and refreshments during the days of the conference. Authors of contributions accepted for presentation can benefit from a reduced fee. For each paper, only one author's fee will be offered.

Combined conference registration and EDEN membership with discounted fee is offered. Three or more delegates attending the conference from the same institution, and registering together, are entitled to group rate discount of 15%. For young scholars, full time students and PhD students (under 35 years) special fee of 200 € is offered.

Online and Social

imageThe Conference will be supported by social networking and collaborative online presence. The conference hashtag is #eden14. You may follow conference updates via Facebook. A conference group is being set up for the delegates at the EDEN Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP) Members Area to be animated with the progress of registration (with conference blog, pre-conference interviews, the Book of Abstracts - all at one place).

Social Events

The Conference offers a great opportunity to socalize and network in an informal setting as well.

The Welcome Reception will take place on 10 June in the Botanical Garden of the University of Zagreb. The EDEN Fellow Award will be presented during the reception.

It has developed into tradition of the EDEN Conferences to organise a Book and Wine Party, a gathering in the end of the first day (11 June) for the lovers of literature and good wines where they can share by short presentations their latest interesting reading experience.

The Conference Dinner on 12 June, with entertainment, will be organised in Restaurant Okrugljak, probably one of the most authentic from among Zagreb restaurants and certainly one of the most traditional establishments in the north of Croatia. The EDEN Best Research Paper Award will be presented at the event.



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