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August, 2014, Special issue



August, 2014

Projects, practices, showcases

Launch of a brand new online business Portuguese language course

EMPORT is an EU project focusing on improvement of employability and enhancing the competitiveness of companies, by means of language and cultural competences acquisition in Portuguese language and culture.

Based on extensive research on available multimedia courses and on the language needs and cultural competences of those doing business with Portuguese speaking countries, the Consortium has developed a multimedia online course meeting present demands and realities. The pilot version of the course is now launched. Read more in the recently launched newsletter (pdf download, also available in PT).




VISIR Fourth Consultation: What actions should be taken to boost and scale e-learning Micro Innovation Europe?

The VISIR – “VIsion, Scenarios, Insights and Recommendations on how ICT may help making lifelong learning a reality for all“ project has arrived to its fourth phase of online consultations targeting the professional community of open, distance and e-learning, ICT enhanced education and learning innovation.

Last chance to join, consultation is closing soon!

It will take only few minutes of your time. Please visit the survey at

The Consultation is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

To see the full description, click here.



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