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5th CARER+ Newsletter


This is the 5th official newsletter of the European project CARER+ 
CARERplus project: developing comepetences of carers to improve the quality of life of older people

From Carer to CarerPlus:
Professional Training with ICTs

At the 2014 EDEN conference in Zagreb, Steven Warburton described the solutions to the challenges surrounding the development of a training programme for enhancing the digital skills of care workers.

Read the details about the programme, its architecture and the conference's resources on the CARER+ web.


Social Care Policy-Makers Meet

Home care services are deeply embedded in the national legal, social, economic and policy context. To be able to make a deep impact with professionalisation of home care workers, our project partners organise policy working visits for local stakeholders in 5 countries in the next 6 months.

Learn more about the visits and their content.

French Carers' Social Network launched

CARER+ participants in France are finishing the second out of five CARER+ training modules. This second module trains them how stop and think about their practice with the help of ICT tools.

Read the details on the CARER+ web.

Stakeholder Involvement:
2nd Validation Workshop

On 29th of May 2014 Carer+ organised its second Validation Workshop gathering in Paris at IPERIA’s premises. 11 European experts working in the field were given the opportunity to look into the Curriculum and learning resources developed by the project and give their feedback.

Read about it on the CARER+ web.

News from partners

imageSeminar on Digital Technologies for Care Workers

New and modern options in senior care were discussed at this seminar organised by LIKTA & LSA in Lithuania. Technologies that are already being used in everyday care work – tablets, buttons that looked like watches from James Bond movies were demonstrated. Read the details by clicking here


image UNITE IT: Engaging seniors to use ICT

As the Unite-IT project ends, best practice packages for seniors to use ICTs is published. Two years collaboration is summarized in best practice package: Engaging seniors to use ICT. “Use IT and Enjoy”. This is a high-sounding name of the project that has been just accomplished by partners’ consortium from Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden. Download the Best Practice Package by clicking here.

Assess your digital skills

GO ON you can do IT is a free website which enables individuals to take a quiz on digital skills and get immediate guidance on what to improve in 4 self-assessment areas: Internet | Email | Online Documents | Online safety

ICT Certificates for Seniors

During the 2014 Get Online Week (GOW) many seniors obtained their first e-skills trainings.More than 40 seniors received official e-Citizen certificates, handed out by LIKTA

ICT Proposers' Day | 9-10 October

This networking event organised by the European Commission promotes European ICT Research and Innovation, focuses on the Horizon 2020 Programme.

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