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Second Issue - Digiskills Newsletter


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Summer Events: See what happened in the summer break

Digiskills Summer School 2014
The DigiSkills Summer School 2014 took place in Marathon, Greece from 13-18 July 2014. It was organized in the context of the “ENTREDU” project around the themes of environmental protection and the development of competencies and creativity linked to environmental protection. Read more on the Digiskills Portal by clicking here.

Digiskills European Workshop: Inspiring teaching practices
The workshop took place as part of the Synergy sessions at the EDEN 2014 Annual Conference in Zagreb, combined with the "Working group: Inspiring teachers' practices". Read more on the Digiskills Portal by clicking here.


Adult learning good practice

A practical guide on digital identity - ePortfolio:
AGeneve is a social network based on social internet ethics that supports the design and control of digital identities. The modules available include: ePortfolio, Blog, Social networking, Working groups, Training on web 2.0 tools -> Read more

Inspire other trainers:
Share your practice!
European Day of Languages

image 26 September 2014
The European Day of Languages, jointly organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union celebrates linguistic diversity in Europe and promotes language learning. Its online portal offers the chance to everyone to contribute - either by taking part in the activities organised or by getting together with others and setting up events. 

Start your day on the 26 September by taking an online 5-minute quiz by the Open University, UK and test your knowledge of six different languages and cultures: click here.

Secondary school good practice
Using Facebook to teach languages
In the spring of 2012, a  high school class of a secondary school were involved in English language education teaching in Facebook groups. The students were encouraged to interact in the Facebook group specifically created for this exercise...."->Read more
Inspire other teachers:
Share your practice!
EDL Photo Contest:
The European Day of Languages (EDL) Photo Contest 2014 illustrates language learning in action in different environments. The competition is open to all ages living in all Council of Europe member states and observer states. The ECML will use the best photos for promotional purposes. Submission period: 14 September 2014 - 14 November 2014. -> Read more

The Open Science Resources:
The OSR portal contains images, scientific instruments, videos, animations, exercises, graphs, links and structured and open learning activities organized according the inquiry-based pedagogical model. Users can search for the educational materials or upload their own materials. -> Read more



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