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September, 2014 - Special issue 2



September, 2014

Message from the EDEN President

The Blogging President - New Posts from Antonio Teixeira

For the European education community, the end of the summer break represents always a time of starting over and of a cyclic new beginning. This is a time for imagining and planning the future, of looking beyond our horizon. Read his latest full post as well as his previous and the former presidents', Executive Committee members' blog posts at the President's blog. Previous Post: EDEN Goes to Zagreb


Antonio Teixeira

Antonio M. Teixeira,
EDEN President


Projects, practices, showcases

ProM Final Seminar: Registration Open

The ProM project's Final Seminar (9-10 October 2014 in Sèvres, France) is open to mobility managers at HE and VET institutions, teachers and trainers. Register now to learn about a unique self-assessment tool for mobility and get to know the self-training online platform developed to train individuals involved in mobility management. The seminar will be available in French and in English. Selected participation costs may be covered for a limited number of participants. Read the details by clicking here.


Building the Learning Analytics Community

The LACE project is proving to be a real community exchange. During the last few months, partners have run or participated in more than 10 learning analytics events targeted at both academics and practitioners. In addition, we have run webinars, written blog posts and articles and started working on a series of White Papers, as well as began to build connections with our Associate Partners across Europe. To hear about our latest developments and issues such as ethics & privacy, outputs of past events and our future plans, please check out the 2nd issue of the LACE newsletter.


Ask Your Learning Outcomes What You Should be Assessing

Within the framework of the Workshop on learning outcomes and evaluation methods in e-course, organized by the University Computing Centre SRCE, to be held in Zagreb, Croatia on 26 September 2014, one of the presentations will be focusing on the main challenge of the TALOE project: the importance of linking assessment with intended learning outcomes. You can join virtually via this webinar link.

For more information about TALOE please read our first Newsletter.


Piloting of a Brand New Online Business Portuguese Language Course

The EMPORT Consortium is now recruiting pilot testers for its recently launched Portuguese multimedia course. Read more in the EMPORT newsletter (pdf download, also available in PT).

The EMPORT project is focusing on the improvement of employability and enhancing the competitiveness of companies, by means of language and cultural competences acquisition in Portuguese language and culture.


Events, Practices, Community - Digiskills News for Educators

The latest topics on the Digiskills platform bring you good practices around ICT for learning, as well as recent and future events. The autumn issue of the newsletter offers a practical guide on digital identity, a guide to use Facebook for teaching languages, announcement of the European Day of Languages Photo Contest, and many more: 2nd Newsletter.


Learning at Home and in the Hospital - 1st Newsletter

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of young people across Europe and the rest of the world with medical needs, and that the majority recover and go on to lead full and normal lives?

Hospital schools and home tuition programmes ensure that students not only keep up with their education, but that they can go on to achieve magnificent things.

Read more in the first LeHo Newsletter.


For Your Diary: EDEN Annual Conference, Barcelona, 9-12 June 2015

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