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Address: H-1111 Budapest, Egry J. u. 1

City: Budapest


Contact emailcmedonline@gmail.com

Institution websitehttps://www.bme.hu/?language=en

Own websitehttps://sites.google.com/site/carmedgarriguez/home

My EDEN portfolio

Membership type

Membership starting date: 2019 Sept

EDEN NAP profile

Position, Work experience


Tenured English Teacher (September 2019)                                                            

Official School of Languages Antequera

Antequera, Málaga, Spain

Foundations Program Chair English and Math (2016-2019)                                            

Higher Colleges of Technology

Dubai Men's College Dubai UAE

Official School of Languages Málaga (2014-2016)                                                        

Tenured Lecturer

Ministry of Education Spain 

Prince Sultan University College for Women (2012-2014)                                           

Assistant Professor

Tenured English Teacher (2006-2012)                                                            

Official School of Languages Antequera


Antequera, Málaga, Spain


Skyview High School (2001-2002)

Billings, Mt. U.S.A. 


Ministry of Education Spain (1994-2001 and 2002-2006)                                                                   

Official School of Languages Cordoba


Tenured Lecturer Certification #A54EC3046720235


Education and training, degres, academic qualifications

Nearpod Certified Educator, June 2019 


Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy, January 2019


PhD - Philology, December 2008



Licentiate English Philology 1996


Personal skills (incl. languages) and additional information

Languages: Native English and Quasi Native Spanish. A1 French and A1 German. Some notions of Arabic.

I am fully computer literate.

I design, create and teach online courses.

Area of expertise and field of interest (general),

Area of expertise and field of interest (education and training), , , , , , ,


I am currently: 

- collaborating with HCT in Dubai on an Emotional Intelligence government-funded research project;

- working with a colleague at Maltepe University, Istanbul on a learner engagement project;

- coordinating a team producing online English materials for C1;

- coordinating a team producing mediation materials.

Publications, articles, papers, studies

a) Books

- Medina Garríguez, C., Culture as a Skill in the Foreign Language Classroom. Tesis Doctorals.

University of Valencia, Valencia, 2009, 347 pages, IBN: 978-84-370-7450-4.

- Fernández Shaw, C., Spain and Australia Five Centuries of History. (English translation: Carmen

Medina Garríguez and Roger B. Hamilton), Alymar, Madrid 2000, 193 pages, ISBN: 84-95242-04-


b) Papers in Refereed Journals

- Medina Garríguez, C. and Billy, R., Dual Language: A Combined Dual Language Framework for

Implementation: A 90/10 and 50/50 Model Design. English Language Teaching; Vol. 12, No. 10; 2019

ISSN 1916-4742 E-ISSN 1916-4750 Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education

- Medina Garríguez, C. and Billy, R., International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, November 2016:  Did I pass the test? Middle Eastern Women at Higher EducationLearning through Self-Assessment and Reflection

- Medina Garríguez, C.ACTAS EICE 2016: Universal Design for Learning Adapted to C1

- Medina Garríguez, C. and Mohamed, R. B., “Collaborative Learning Groups in Higher Education."
US-China Education Review A, ISSN 2161-623X. July 2014, Vol. 4, No. 7, 500-508

- Medina Garríguez, C. and Mohamed, R. B., “They have got more than you think: Cultural Capital and the Undergraduate Achievement of Middle Eastern Women.” International Journal of Education and Research Vol. 1 No. 12 December 2013. http://www.ijern.com/journal/December-2013/27.pdf

- Medina Garríguez, C. and Mohamed, R. B., “Websites and Lectures: Higher Education at a Middle Eastern Women’s College.”  IISTE Journal of Education and Practice ISSN (Paper) 222-1735, (Online) 2222-288x.

- Medina Garríguez, C. and Neff Van Aertselaer, J., “Towards a Sociocultural Framework in the EFL Classroom.” 

ERIC Document ED450 601. December 2001. pp. 26.

- Medina Garríguez, C., “Sociocultural aspects in the classroom: Theory, model and practice.”

Revista Alminar. CEJA.  Ministry of Education Córdoba, vol. 30. May 1994. pp. 26-29. ISSN-1138-


c) Book Chapters

Medina Garríguez, C., “A Personal History of the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies in Daily Classroom Teaching Practice.” 

In ‘Smart Teaching: A Transformational Approach. Tamishra Swain Editor. Open Page India, Bhubaneswar, 2010. pp.123-134. ISBN-978-81-909973-1-7.

Medina Garríguez, C., and Fernández Molero, J.F., “The Andalusian Online English CLIL Course, a Pioneer Experience in the Distance Training of Teachers.” In Bilingual Education in Andalusia: Analysis,  experiences  and  proposals.  Mª  Elvira  Barrios  Espinosa  (Ed.)  G.E.U.  University  of Málaga. Andalusian Ministry of Education, 2010. pp 89-99. ISBN:978-84-9915-114-4.

Fernández Molero, J.F., Medina Garríguez, C., Criado Fernández, J.M., Navarrete Ramirez- Montesinos  E.,  Herrera  Ortiz,  A.L., 

“The  Consejeria  CLIL  Online  Course.  English  –  I.”  In Qualification  in   Foreign Languages for Bilingual  Teaching    in    Andalusia:    Experiences, Considerations and Proposals. Mª Elvira Barrios Espinosa (Ed.), CEJA and University of Málaga. June 2008. pp. 1-15. ISBN: 978-84-612-5736-2.

d) Conference Proceedings

Gallego Milla, J., and Medina Garríguez, C., “Evaluation, a part of the syllabus.” Proceedings of the 1st  Annual Official School of Languages Workshop. 

Ed. Pérdidas, vol. 1. June 1999. pp. 51-63. ISBN: 01-375321-99.

e) Online

Medina  Garríguez,  C.,  et  al,  “Portfolio  Activities  for  Primary  and  Secondary  School.”

Andalusian Ministry of Education. ISBN: 978-84-695-0725-4. http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/educacion/webportal/web/PEL?vismenu=0,0,1,1,1,1,0,0,0

(Received 1st Prize by the European Education Quality Label Program, BOE nº 291, December 4, 2012).

Medina Garríguez, C., Designed and carried out English course for NPL-Offshore and Deep Sea fishing and navigation. 

Spanish Ministry of Education. Secrataría de Estado de Educación, Formación Profesional y Universidades. Dirección General de Formación Profesional. 

Subdirección General de Orientación y Formación Profesional. 

Plataforma de Formación Profesional a Distancia, 2010-2011.