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Wim Van Petegem

Wim Van Petegem



Address: Kapeldreef 62 box 5206, B-3001 Heverlee

City: Heverlee



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Membership starting date: 1997.01.30

Conference attendances

Granada 2002, Rhodes 2003, Budapest 2004, Helsinki 2005, Vienna 2006, Barcelona 2006, Naples 2007

Conference presentations

Granada 2002 - Bridging the Digital Divide – How Development Co-Operation may Benefit from Networked E-Learning in Higher Education
Granada 2002 - Networked E-Learning: Opportunities, Obstacles and Solution Scenarios for Obstacles. Netcampus: Improving ODL in a Network
Granada 2002 - Survey on International Networks for E-Learning
Vienna 2006 - Teachers Need for a New Kind of Interpreters: Translating Learning Materials into Digital Learning Objects
Vienna 2006 - Models for Implementing Virtual Studies Abroad
Vienna 2006 - A Need for Virtual Mobility in Mainstream Education: Case Study of the Erasmus Mundus Programmes at the K.U.Leuven, Belgium
Vienna 2006 - E-Literacy and the Role of Academic Libraries in Lifelong Learning

EC member: 2009-

NAP SC Member: 2002-2008

Eurodl Board Member: yes

EDEN Fellowship: fellow

Conference Committee member

2009 Gdansk, 2008 Lisbon, 2007 Naples, 2006 Vienna

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