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Sofoklis Sotiriou

Sofoklis Sotiriou



City: Pallini





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Membership starting date: 2000.01.14

Conference attendances

Moscow 1999, Barcelona 2000, Stockholm 2001, Granada 2002, Rhodes 2003, Helsinki 2005, Vienna 2006, Stockholm 2007, Lisbon 2008, Gdansk 2009

Conference presentations

Moscow 1999 - The e-Hermes Project: Interactive Forms of Distance Learning in Secondary Education
Barcelona 2000 - The School of Tomorrow: A School Open to the World - Examples of Elements of Good Practice
Barcelona 2000 - Implementation of Scientific Methodology and Modelling Tools in an Open Classroom (Ages 10-17)
Stockholm 2001 - The Lab of Tomorrow Project A Constarctivist Approach in Science Teaching through the Emerging Technologies
Granada 2002 - Learning through Comenius Programmes in Greece. The Role of Information and Communication Technologies
Granada 2002 - The AD-HOC Project: eLearning Anywhere, Anytime
Rhodes 2003 - Quality of Education in Greece Multi-Grade Schools: The Role of Information and Communication Technologies
Rhodes 2003 - The GEH-MIT-Project: Innovative Teacher Training in ICT
Rhodes 2003 - The MUSE Project: A Pilot Programme of Multigrade Schoolteachers’ In-Service Training
Rhodes 2003 - The MoTFAL Project: Mobile Technologies for Ad-Hoc Learning
Rhodes 2003 - The Eudoxos Project: Teaching Science in Secondary Education through a Robotic Telescope
Budapest 2004 - The MoTFAL Project – Mobile Technologies for Ad-Hoc Learning
Budapest 2004 - ZEUS: "Satellite Network of Rural Schools"
Helsinki 2005 - SkyWatch – Introducing European Youth in the World of Scientific Research through Interactive Utilisation of a Global Network of Robotic Telescopes
Vienna 2006 - Bridging the Digital Divide: The Rural Wings Project
Vienna 2006 - The SkyWatch Project, Successful Case for Communicating European Research through a Web-Based Learning Environment
Vienna 2006 - The Network of Multigrade Schools of Europe – NEMED

NAP SC Member: 2008-

EDEN Fellowship: fellow

Conference Committee member

2009 Gdansk, 2008 Lisbon, 2003 Rhodes

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