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Membership starting date: 2007.01.26

Conference attendances

Helsinki 2005, Vienna 2006, Naples 2007, Lisbon 2008, Gdansk 2009, Valencia 2010, Budapest 2010, Dublin 2011, Porto 2012, Leuven 2012, Oslo 2013, Zagreb 2014, Oxford 2014, Barcelona 2015, Budapest 2016, Oldenburg 2016, Genova 2018, Barcelona 2018, Bruges, 2019

Conference presentations

Helsinki 2005 - eLene-TT: E-Learning Network for Teacher Training – Teachers Are Lifelong Learners Too
Helsinki 2005 - VideoAktiv: Movies, Minds and Models
Naples 2007 - Scaling up and Scaling out: How the eLene Partners are Addressing Sustainability in European e-Learning Projects
Naples 2007 - Sharing Digital Resources in an Economics and Management Open University: Evaluating Quality and Certification
Valencia 2010 - SEVAQ+: Seeking Excellence in Technology Enhanced Learning
Valencia 2010 - Sharing Experiences from the MEDEA Awards
Budapest 2010 - The SHARE Workshop: 3 Takes on Quality Assessment for ICT-Supported Teaching and Learning

Dublin 2011 - Lights... Camera... learning! Behind the Scenes at the Medea Awards (with Sally Reynolds)

Dublin 2011 - Effective Self-Evaluation of Technology-Enhanced Learning: a Sevaq+ expert workshop (with Ulf Ehlers and Connie Helmstedt)

Oslo 2013 - TalentCampus: novel approaches and environments to help learners reveal, develop and captialise their talent (with Sebastien Chevalier)

Budapest 2016 - From Sandbox to Learning Centre: a case study in new learning environments

Oldenburg 2016 - eLene4work – Developing a framework of soft skills and digital soft skills for employability

Genova 2018 - The French Thematic Digital Universities – A 360° perspective on open and digital learning

Genova 2018 - TE-leadership literacies for technology-enhanced learning in higher education. A mixed methods research design and preliminary framework. EDEN Annual Conference, Genoa


Bruges 2019 - eLene4Life: Active Learning for Soft Skills - University-Corporate Connections and Cross-Fertilisation







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Position, Work experience

Deborah has three decades of experience in the field of education and training in France, holding teaching and managerial roles in both the private training and higher education sectors. In the nineties she worked as Director of Studies for a language training institute, developing innovative pedagogical approaches including Computer-Assisted Language Learning and the use of media for teaching and learning. This experience encouraged her to complete a Masters degree in Media Studies at the University of Burgundy in 2000, before combining these two fields of media production and education in her work as e-learning project manager at Vidéoscop Université Nancy 2.

From 2012 to 2018, Deborah was head of the educational technology and distance learning department at the University of Burgundy in France and led the education strand of the institution’s digital strategy. She currently works as national and international projects coordinator at AUNEGe, the French digital university for economics and management. As a true lifelong learner, Deborah is currently completing a PhD on the topic of digital education leadership in higher education at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (thesis director: Albert Sangrà).

A bilingual British-French dual national, Deborah is renowned in Europe for her leadership of innovative transnational digital education projects and was a founding member of the eLene network. She is a regular speaker at international conferences and is frequently invited to participate in expert consultations. From 2010 to 2016 she served on the Executive Committee of EDEN (European Distance and E-learning Network) and held the position of Vice-President for Communication. She is a Senior Fellow of EDEN, a member of the EDEN Fellows Council Board, and also serves on the board of the Media and Learning Association.

Education and training, degres, academic qualifications

PhD candiate in Education & ICT, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (2016-2021)
Research area: Digital Education Leadership Literacies for Higher Education
Thesis supervisor: Dr Albert Sangrà

Master in Media, Communication and ICT: DESS Euromédias, Université de Bourgogne, France (1999-2000).

BSc (hons) in Modern Languages: French and linguistics, Aston University, UK (1986-1990).

Personal skills (incl. languages) and additional information

Bilingual in French and English

Leadership: motivating heteroegeneous teams to achieve shared objectives

Area of expertise and field of interest (general),

Area of expertise and field of interest (education and training), , , , , , ,


Coordinator of the SEVAQ+ Lifelong Learning Programme KA4 project (2009-2011) for the Self-evaluation of Quality in Technology-enhanced learning, for Vidéoscop-Université Nancy 2.  
EDEN was a key partner (responsible for dissemination), alongside EFQUEL, HEC and CCIP-Le Préau (FR), METID-Politecnico di Milano (IT), Marie Curie Sklodowska Univeristy in Lublin (PL) and Kaunas University of Technology (LT).

Publications, articles, papers, studies

Arnold, D., & Sangrà, A. (2020). Digital Education Leadership Development for Strategic Change in Higher Education. In V. Wang (Ed.), Educational Leadership: Perspectives, Management and Challenges. Nova Science Publications.

Arnold, D., & Sangrà, A. (2019). Building Bridges Over Troubled Water: eLeadership Literacies for Technology-Enhanced Learning in Complex Times. In M. Brown, M. Nic Giolla Mhichil, E. Beirne, & E. Costello (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2019 ICDE World Conference on Online Learning (Vol. 2, p. 33). Dublin: Dublin City University.

Arnold, D., & Sangrà, A. (2018a). Dawn or dusk of the 5th age of research in educational technology? A literature review on (e-)leadership for technology-enhanced learning in higher education (2013-2017). International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 15(1), 24.

Arnold, D., & Sangrà, A. (2018b). Developing a Framework of e-Leadership Literacies for Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education: a Delphi Study. In Towards Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning. Proceedings of the 10th European Distance and E-Learning Network Research Workshop, Barcelona, (pp. 161–169).


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