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Reflections about Collective and Independent Study by M. G. Moore

...termines the objectives, the study resources and experiences, and the evaluation decisions of the learning pro...lopments are the development of tools for competency-based education, assessment of prior learning, learner an...

2030 days ago

All that glitters is not gold: Current trends and future challenges for quality assurance in the fields of open learning and eLearning

...rtification, the institution conducts a self-evaluation to start the benchmarking pro...tment to fulfilling an action plan. Any self-evaluation should follow the quality enh...n press). Benchmarking: A Method for Quality Assessment and Enhancement in Higher Edu...

2080 days ago


April, 2019 Part 1

...gical Studies Bert Wylin - e- Learning and e- assessment expert, KU Leuven...In case you missed the last #EDENChat on "From evaluation to creation: theoretical and...

958 days ago

March, 2019 Part 1

...n research, he now focuses on assessmentQ, an online tool for learning...OER quality assessment Res...#EDENChat: "From evaluation to creation: theoretical and...The next #EDENChat "From evaluation to creation: theoretical and...

985 days ago