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...ted then, that open and distance learning represented a much wider ins...g foresaw that open and distance learning would develop not only in the...that were dual or multi-mode, or blended in their character. Not only t...ropean Journal of Distance and E Learning (EURODL) in 2005-2013, Editor...

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EDEN Fellow Awards Laudations at the Welcome Reception of the EDEN 2015 Annual Conference

...onsultant in various distance learning projects in Europe, America a...Research in Open and Distance Learning. Terry Anderson is the author...ce Laboratory. She researches blended learning and technology integr...and systems for the distance learning and mobile assisted language...

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April, 2019 Part 2

...The OOFHEC2019 conference "Blended and online education within E...upport SMEs with their (digital) learning journey. Please find more det...using optimal spacing time, the learning process becomes as efficient...EDEN - European Distance and e-Learning Network Secretariat...

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April, 2019 Part 1

...EADTU Blended and virtual mobility is stimul...- In Reality: Connections to Learning, the Workplace, and Community...tions – in other words, learning for transfer… by educational environments; learning designs for including educati...

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Disrupting and Transforming the University - Links shared by speakers of EDENRW8

Are universities about to be disrupted the way Kodak, Borders, and Blockbuster, all recently in bankruptcy, were disrupted? Blended courses, online learning, and MOOCs are moving at light speed...

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...s, through innovative, informal blended e-learning approaches. The project will...arners with a more personalised learning experience and will allow lea...of informal and community based learning approaches for delivery of ac...rials they can extend their own learning outside of formal classroom c...

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Carmen Medina Garríguez

Area of expertise and field of interest (education and training): Methodology, Teacher Training, E-learning, Lifelong learning, Adult Learning, Blended learning, Socio-cultural learning aspects, Tutoring/Mentoring

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Michael Thomas

Area of expertise and field of interest (education and training): Methodology, E-learning, Lifelong learning, Higher Education, Blended learning, Collaborative learning, Virtual universities

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