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IRRODL Paper published: Supporting professional learning in a massive open online course

Authors: Colin Milligan, Allison Littlejohn This publication was referenced by #EDENRW8 courses (MOOCs), providing free and flexible access to formal education for millions of learners w...

2523 days ago

Paper download: Giving Teaching Back to Education: Responding to the Disappearance of the Teacher by Gert J.J.Biesta, University of Luxembourg As shared by Sian Bayne   This paper stems from a concern about a very particular development that has been going on in our educational institutions and our soc...

2523 days ago

'Learning over education' initiative at MIT

As shared by Sian Bayne ‏@sbayne 'Learning over education' initiative at MIT: @schmidtphi - worth reading 

2523 days ago

Disrupting and Transforming the University - Links shared by speakers of EDENRW8

...e opportunities and threats from technology and recommend that higher education institutions morph their b...esponse to these challenges. Examples of the transformation in higher education include:

2523 days ago

CAMELOT Project Website of skills alongside language learning, including intercultural communication skills and digital and synergies promoting digital video, immersive learning, open educational resources, digital liter...

2661 days ago


...ject is assisting the implementation of CLIL in primary schools and in vocational colleges through: - 6...mentation of CLIL the project will: - Develop a teacher course on application of CLIL - Develop online...

2661 days ago


...improve access to formal Maths qualifications for adult learners, especially those with lower education levels, through innovative...gMath enables Adult Trainers & Education Providers to better respon...ity of Maths teaching in community education centres around Europe and...

2661 days ago


...asiums based on the Croatian Qualifications Framework". Projec...e principles of the Croatian Qualifications Framework (CROQF) and as...regarding the improvement of the education system – Croatian Qu...o, executed webnars for teachers education program....

2662 days ago

Open Education Europa

Hi everyone, you can check the following Prezi presentations of the Open Education Europa portal here: Open Education Europa Open Education Europa (short demo) See you all in a coup...

2899 days ago

Profiling Online Students - and EDEN NAP members

In this entry of the EDEN Presidents blog, I described the NKI student catalogue and stated: Maybe EDEN could do something similar for its NAP members? I'm now happy to see that the new NAP Members Area has a catalogue that in many ways remind me of NKI's student catalogue.

4201 days ago