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EDEN is Different

This is the week of the EDEN16, the largest and probably the best academic a...n resource of structured professional infor...g infrastructure have transformed the information society –generally outsid...e (1994-96), Director of the European Communication Strategy...

2359 days ago

Reflecting On Today’s Mobile Learning - Guest post by Grainne Conole

Current technological developments are pushing us in the direction o...ith the increase in access to information and production of knowledge, means that we can access information anywhere, via any device. T...evaluation of Information and Communication Technolo...

2751 days ago

The Persistence of (Distance) Learning - Guest post bt Steve Wheeler

...and the importance he gave to communication in the learning process. In f...of learning with the help of communication technology is as old as is used to mediate communication between students and their te...ted Minds, Emerging Cultures (Information Age: 2009)...

2751 days ago

School Days Are Here Again - Guest post by Alan Bruce

As promised in my first post, the EDEN P...our cultures, maturation, discovery (information, knowledge and rules) and rites...r iPad and an alternative universe of communication and knowledge access. &nb...aginations. Where technology-enhanced communication and inte...

2751 days ago

The Future of Europe Depends on Smart Investment in Contemporary Curricula and Workplace Training Innovation

...ation of learning, the use of information technologies. Warnings and visi...ovative transport, energy and communication technologies since year 1 AC,...graph, social activities, as communication and teaching,  had been...le impact on human social and communication habits a...

3108 days ago