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Celebrating EDEN's Silver Jubilee: A reflection by Sir John Daniel

...ean open, distance and online learning community and interpret open, distance and online learning (ODL) in Europe. I shall reca...ovakia in order to offer UKOU management courses in the national lan...blished school and university systems despite the large number of stud...

1533 days ago

All that glitters is not gold: Current trends and future challenges for quality assurance in the fields of open learning and eLearning

...urance in open education and eLearning and has a large experience wo...llustrating quality in online learning is as complex as the reality...e areas should be considered: management; the course (i.e., curricul...spective as the center of the learning process. Not only current trend...

1597 days ago


October, 2018

...ized Guidance and Support for Learning- EDEN 10th Research Workshop"...#OpenVirtualMobility: the learning hub - Discussion from the 10t...advances teaching, learning, management – and student success. Sear...lligence (AI) in teaching and learning, recording what worked and what...

646 days ago

September, 2018 Part 2

...and professional community of learning innovation in open, distance and e-learning. ICDE...arket need for leadership and management in realizing digital transf...omputer Assisted Interpreting Systems. In framework of the project, we...

691 days ago


Comment on "Synergy WG: Inspiring teaching practices and competence development for ubiquitous learning"

...Usability, interfaces of TEL systems. Working with kids from di...ther on science topics. Conflict management Training of secondary teachres about inquiry based learning in classrooms...eSolve (project) eLearning in VET training summ...

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