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Reinventing Universities: The critical role of leadership

...In her beautiful reflection, Belinda reviews the different styles of leadership, shares insights...; know as a field of retention and progression or the impact of learning design on students learning gain in distance, open and...

1361 days ago

EDENRW8 By Tony Bates - Disseminating the best research in online learning into Open and Distance Learning - Part II - by Tony Bates &...the field of online distance learning and indeed beyond. Sha...ers rated their readiness for learning highly, whereas Brown and preferences and learning styles. The main lessons for me...

1893 days ago


April, 2016

...Re-Imagining Learning Environments...ssues in distance, open and e-learning. The latest #EDENChat on 23 M...member, reviews the different styles of leadership, shares insights...Is privacy a showstopper for learning analytics?...

1327 days ago

Issue 2 - September 2013

...edback to students within the learning environment while giving inpu...ion, Italy), at the Centre of Learning Innovation and Adult Learning...rtificial intelligence use in learning environments, having the that, due to the different styles of teaching/learning that happens in real life....

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Serge Ravet

..., Andragogy, Pedagogy, Teacher Training, E-learning, Lifelong learning, Adult Learning, Open and Dis...egrating New ICT and Media Applications in Learning, Course design and developmen...ies, Learning Management Systems, Learning styles

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Antonella Poce

...t (education and training): Methodology, E-learning, Lifelong learning, Open and Distance Education/...r Education, Vocational Education, Blended learning, Collaborative learning, Non-...sources, Moderation/Facilitation, Learning styles

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