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EDEN - A Community for Collaboration (EFQUEL). Ingeborg has an arts degree from the University of Oslo, Norway. Throughout her editor at NKS, one of the largest distance education institutions in Norway, and now runs her own consult...

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All about EDEN

...that concretely when we started. I returned to EDEN in 2004 with an invitation from the then President, the estimable Ingeborg Bøe of Norway, to stand for the Executive C...

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January, 2019

...port, produced by The Open University in collaboration with the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE), University of Bergen, Norway, proposes ten innovations tha...

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November, 2018

...The ICDE Lifelong Learning Summit 2019: Shape the Future of Lifelong Learning in the Age of Digitization will be held in Lillehammer, Norway from 11 to 13 February 2019....

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EDEN Fellows and Senior Fellows

...file/walter Torstein Rekkedal, NKI Distance Education, Norway http://www.eden-online.or...or of the OU UK Erling Ljosa, former Director of NKS, Norway, Founding President of EDEN...

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Members of the EDEN Executive Committee Professor of Online Education, Director of Development, The NKI Internet College, NKI Distance Education, Norway Vice Presidents: Anto...

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LIBE Supporting LifeLong Learning with Inquiry-Based Education

The project aims at designing, developing and try out, in 3 different countries in Europe (Italy, Portugal, Norway), an innovative e-learning management system devoted: ...

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