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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events

Having celebrated its 25th anniversary, E...chnology enhanced and enabled learning environments for education....n ODL, socio – economic aspects of technology enabled learning, validation of learners, lear...rse European models of online learning, quality assurance issues ari...

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Fresh Ideas Need Arguments to Be Grounded by Research

...elopment of open and distance learning.  The UB Foundation is at times when teaching and learning at a distance was print-based...field of open, distance and e-learning.     H.D.:&...ranted. Of the many different aspects here a few hard facts: Chairs...

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November, 2017 to keep up with new learning solutions, and better supply...Micro, meso and macro aspects provide an interesting range o...g and discussion will be core aspects of the conference experience,...European Distance Learning Week – Resources Availa...

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March, 2015

...Expanding Learning Scenarios Openin...c Review of the Socio-Ethical Aspects of Massive Online Open Courses...rt on Armenian and Georgian e-Learning The A...rt on Armenian and Georgian e-learning that describes the current si...

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Carmen Medina Garríguez

Area of expertise and field of interest (education and training): Methodology, Teacher Training, E-learning, Lifelong learning, Adult Learning, Blended learning, Socio-cultural learning aspects, Tutoring/Mentoring

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Daniele Terzariol

Area of expertise and field of interest (education and training): Methodology, Lifelong learning, Higher Education, Institutional collaboration and networking, Socio-cultural learning aspects, Tutoring/Mentoring

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