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EDEN Anniversary Reflections

...ed that the three favourite words in my e-learning vocabulary were Flexibility, Cooperation and Transparency. Realising the importance of the EDEN Awards, Fellowships and Anniversarie...

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EDEN Fellow Awards Laudations at the Welcome Reception of the EDEN 2015 Annual Conference

The EDEN Senior Fellow title is awarded to outstanding EDEN members, in recognition of their contribution to the development of open, distance and e-learning in E...

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June, 2019

..." Synopses is available online. Conference awards and recognition...  EDEN Fellow and Senior Fellow Awards The E...

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May, 2019 Part 1

...Reception helps you to set the mood for the Conference. Meet your colleagues and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. The EDEN Senior Fellow and Fellow Awards will be presented at this occ...

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EDEN Fellows and Senior Fellows

...2009 EDEN Fellow awards Antonio Teixeira htt...2009 EDEN Senior Fellow awards Ulrich Bernath, Ulrich...2008 EDEN Senior Fellow awards Walter Kugemann, Instit...2007 EDEN Senior Fellow awards Sir John Daniel, Presid...

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2014 Fellow Awards at EDENRW8, Oxford

The EDEN Fellow Awards Ceremonies usually take place at the Welcome Receptions of annual conference and research workshops. At Eighth EDEN Research Workshop - EDENRW8 in Oxford this tradition continued.   EDEN Senior Fellow Award has been granted by the Executive Committee of EDEN b...

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