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Exclusive: Conference Group's blog: The Open, The Digital and The Face-to-Face - Prof. Jeff Haywood in Interview of the best technology to support personalised pathways leading students towards employment. Read and watch the full interview on the Conference Blog.

2170 days ago

Manfred Lohr's materials iPAD for teachers including learning scenarios

Video "eEducation with iPads at BG/BRG Schwechat" Here is the linkt to the video fro...

2311 days ago

Profiling Online Students - and EDEN NAP members

In this entry of the EDEN Presidents blog, I described the NKI student catalogue and stated: Maybe EDEN could do something similar for its NAP members? I'm now happy to see that the new NAP Members Area has a catalogue that in many ways remind me of NKI's student catalogue.

3617 days ago