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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events

...December 2, 2016 EDEN Executive members took active and leading part in EDEN Partner initiatives: ICDE Webinar series “Challenges for quality in open and dista...

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EDEN is Different

...ICTs in learning as well, leading our community towards new tasks and challenges. Professional association...illar for the modernisation of education and is looking ahead for new challenges. Let’s celebrate to...

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April, 2019 Part 2

...lution - here's how to make it happen "As the world faces the transformative economic, social and environmental challenges of Globalization 4.0, it has...

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April, 2019 Part 1

...” examples by discussing the impact AVR is having on the digital classroom and workplace experience, critically analysing its benefits and challenges. Recent examples of best prac...

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What do we revive?

...set of characteristic features of new learning strategies moving from VLE to PLE, and success stories’ indicators (5 min). A set of challenges that teachers experience desi...

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Award-winning poster: Assessment Strategy - Designing and Developing Assessments for Online Distance Education

Challenges for Research into Open & Distance Learning: Doing Things Better – Doing Better Things Proceedings of the European Distance and E-Learning Netwo...

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CC BY-NC Some rights reserved by sadmafioso

...Anywhere, anytime, any device She then presents two major challenges to workplace learning: provid...ithout always being required to “do the course”. The challenges that I hope will be discussed...

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IRRODL Paper published: Supporting professional learning in a massive open online course

...ning intentions and learning behaviour of professional learners in this course. While the learners are motivated to participate by specific role challenges, their learning effort is ult...

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Disrupting and Transforming the University - Links shared by speakers of EDENRW8

...the opportunities and threats from technology and recommend that higher education institutions morph their business models in response to these challenges. Examples of the transformati...

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The Challenges of a Contemporary Educator - Terry Anderson Interview

Interview by Steve Wheeler, Plymouth University, UK Professor Terry Anderson, who is based at Athabasca University in Canada, is one of the famous figures of contemporary education, and his list of achievements is lengthy. He is one of the pioneers of online and distance learning, an...

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