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EDEN: 25 years as a Learning Environment

...y Norway there was one label only: correspondence education. It was run by a handful of private institutions, under strict regulation and quality control by the government. My first j...

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Losing Control: The true democratisation of learning - Keynote interview with Albert SangrĂ 

...during this period of time, the ways to exercise guidance, support and control have been evolving very much....purposes of every action people are going to take. They will have the control. E.O.: According to wh...

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May, 2018 Part 1

...w EU legislation on General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has taken effect on 25th of May. We value your privacy and respect the choices and control you have over your informatio...

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May, 2016

...ill give an update on the development of LA applications in schools and higher education and explore the concerns about data sharing and privacy, control of data and trust. The worksh...

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TUTORIAL - Design principles for pedagogic multimedia

...guage; layout of the screen; relating screen text and narration; image-narration synergy; educational narrative;navigational guidance and student control; interactivity.

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Losing Control: The true democratisation of learning - Keynote interview with Albert SangrĂ 

Interview by Ebba Ossiannilsson I have the privilege to interview one of the keynote speakers for the EDEN 2015 Annual Conference (Barcelona, 9-12 June 2015), Albert Sangrà, the Academic Director of the UNESCO Chair in Technology and education for Social Change at the Open Universit...

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Comment on "Book recommendations of the 2014 Book and Wine event in Zagreb"

...her dangerously close to another—which, in turn, exacerbates the tensions of a life in exile that has now begun to spiral seriously out of control. About the author About t...

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