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Much More Than A Conference

...learning scenarios, identifying an ongoing shift towards greater attention to the importance of context in the learning process (as suggested by Cristobal Cobo in Oxford). In the ongoi...

1623 days ago

MOOC vs OER Roundtable: Tony Bates talks to Pierre Dillenbourg and Cristobal Cobo

...reflect on three key questions. Cristobal Cobo and Pierre Dillenbourg a...ill MOOCs continue to play? Cristobal Cobo: Unfortunately the term...or EDEN as an organization? Cristobal Cobo: I  think is time t...    Cristobal Cobo coordinates research on...

1854 days ago

The Battle for Openness - Pre-#EDEN15 Conference Interview with Martin Weller

Steve Wheeler's interview with Martin Weller   Now and then, I have the privilege to interview some great thought leaders in the field of edu...

1847 days ago

EDENRW8 by Tony Bates - Inspiring keynotes in an innovative format

...eynotes provided new and challenging perspectives for EDEN members. Cristobal Cobo of the Oxford Internet I...analysis of learning in a digital age:   Scheme by Cristobal Cobo   What is d...

1973 days ago