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Taking the Hype out of the Hype Cycle

...ich builds up on the metaphor of digital resilience. His point being t...ole surrounding the potential of digital badges, flipped classrooms, l...of an ecological perspective on digital resilience. They point out th...conditions whilst retaining core identity. Rob...

2351 days ago

Web Presence, Social Media and Digital Identity - Guest post by Deborah Arnold

...e, dynamic, ubiquitous and open digital environment. Online comm...etwork in the field of open and digital education has “the media and EDEN’s (digital) identity… An example of...tre for Information Systems and Digital Practice, University of Burgun...

2688 days ago

Reflecting On Today’s Mobile Learning - Guest post by Grainne Conole

...rld's leading researchers in digital education, to share with us h...and handheld computers (Personal Digital Assistant or PDAs), Tablet PC...ple purposes, multiple facets of identity. We learn across time, by re...lending: Across the physical and digital space and across different dev...

2689 days ago

Think Together, Enable Dialogue and Get Feedback: From EDUPUNK to DS106 with Jim Groom

...ues we need to be struggling with, such as digital identity, digital fluency the new cultures arou...earning on the web I listed above (digital identity, fluency, empowerment, thinki...r online education, and archivist of their digital life. What's more, IT infr...

2722 days ago

The Battle for Openness - Pre-#EDEN15 Conference Interview with Martin Weller

...nbsp;  You wrote a book on being a digital scholar in 2011. What is digital scholarship, and why is it openness - MOOCs, OERs, open access, digital scholarship, open data - all...;Related to this the nature of academic identity online, and how that relates...

2750 days ago

Happy 10th anniversary, eLene!

...ook! At the time, my university in Nancy was part of a national digital campus, CANEGE, providing onl...keys and monkeys) we've forged a community of practice with a true identity, we know that when we work to...

3256 days ago