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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events

...e, and discussion is archived via Storify on the EDEN website. The most recent #EDENchats have featured topics including digital competencies, the future of the university, innovation...

1088 days ago

Our reflection on Brexit

...ows and EDEN members from the UK, as well as other countries, and shares their feelings. Let us continue together, observing and preparing for the future which is yet to come. We hope...

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June, 2019

...Education Hackathon (DigiEduHack) on 3 October 2019. The initiative, led by EIT Climate KIC and coordinated by Aalto University, will focus on the future of education in a digital age...

214 days ago

May, 2019, Part 2

...buted Learning: Competency Profile of the Digital and Online Teacher in Future Education...he internet of things. This study is making significant contribution to future education by identifying forc...

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Position paper for the 2014 NAP SC election

...preciate that time and resources are often at a premium. If I am elected as NAP chair, I will take these factors into consideration as we plan our future provision of member services...

2072 days ago

Open Educational Resources and OER repositories

...nd positions, it took most of the 90 minutes to explore the areas where future collaborations could be devel...s the Google Doc. The WG3 collaboration will continue online and at future webinars and face to face eve...

2290 days ago


Pedagogic Design Guidelines for Multimedia Materials

...ypically rudimentary ‘design principles’ whose support is derived from experimental research of low ecological validity. Nevertheless, future research to further refine th...

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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events

Having celebrated its 25th anniversary, EDEN continues its mission to serve the outstanding network of academics and professionals who keep working to develop and improve open, collaborative, technology enhanced and enabled learning environments for education. EDEN RW9 returned to Carl von...

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1088 days ago

Looking ahead to the 25th anniversary year

As I predicted in the EDEN President's Blog one year ago (see here) 2015 proved to be a very good and successful year for EDEN. The European open, distance and e-learning community is scaling up and so is EDEN. Throughout the year our Association continued to widen its outreach. We'...

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Comment on "The Unconventional Learner - Interview with Dale J Stephens" aspects of our identity in that way. This gives a freedom to learners that educational organisations are slow to acknowledge.  I think the future will go to those institutions...

2926 days ago

Comment on "Synergy Strand"

...tte of presenting initiatives and participants the elaboration of future collaboration roadmaps....nd practical details of the identified Fairground synergies and develop future collaborations. The WGs will...

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