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Meet the Keynote Speakers

Welcome to the "Meet the Keynote Speakers" page of #EDEN14 Here you will find week by week the short bio and useful information on the keynote speakers of the conference. As time progresses, they will share more insights to their talks and interesting publications. You are free t...

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2032 days ago

2014 Annual Conference Group - open

The conference group of the 2014 Annual Conference is open to all NAP Members and registered conference delegates. All information, interviews, blogs, slides, presentations, etc will be shared exclusively here.

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2096 days ago

From Oslo to Zagreb - Welcome to the conference blog

My name is Eva Suba, you probably met me in the last couple of years at EDEN events or worked with me on EU projects. I will be your host at this Group and I will assist you in using this Group.   The 2014 Annual Conference is only some months away and while the submissions are st...

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2096 days ago

2014 EDEN Annual Conference

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Keynote interviews

Why Anna Kirah thinks we should get rid of the blinders in education May 15, 2013 interview by Helen Keegan  When two like-minded people meet, an inspiring conversation is the result. This is exactly what happened when Helen Keegan agreed to interv...

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2341 days ago