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6th CARER+ Newsletter

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2941 days ago

eLene2learn 6th Newsletter – Final Activities

The eLene2learn project provides a set of practical recommendations to teachers, tutors and learners in the secondary, higher and adult education sectors on the use of ICT and digital media to support the development of learning to learn competencies. After almost 3 years of hard work – ...

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3013 days ago

Happy 10th anniversary, eLene!

The EDEN Synergy workshop in Budapest (October 19th-21st) was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of eLene, a vibrant group of people and institutions who form a network and community of practice around e-learning related projects. As one of the initiators of eLene...

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3328 days ago

From soldering components to policy issues...

Those of you who know me might be surprised to learn that this is my very first blog post! I'm surprised myself, but now the EDEN NAP area has put this opportunity in my hands, I have no excuse to be absent from the blogosphere any longer. I also read with interest Steve Wheeler's conv...

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4546 days ago