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EDEN across generations: the importance of young researchers

...rage EDEN institutional members in engaging with EDEN their younger generations of researchers. If we achieve this, apart from fostering intergenerational research debates and increasi...

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March, 2015 EUCIS-LLL Policy Debate “Intergenerational learning for inclusive societ...This debate aims to share practices and views on how and why the intergenerational dimension should be mainstrea...

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Issue 2 - September 2013

...The ALICE project The Adults Learning for Intergenerational Creative Experience – A...volunteers with creative languages to generate opportunities for intergenerational learning;...

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The Unconventional Learner - Interview with Dale J Stephens

A conventional interview with Dale J. Stephens, keynote speaker at EDEN's 2012 Annual Conference The youngest keynote speaker of all times at EDEN conference, Dale J Stephens is the voice of the generation in and out of our universities/colleges now. With ideas painting an entirely diff...

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