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The Unconventional Learner - Interview with Dale J. Stephens

...ment I blinked with surprise on the courage and positive approach the Manifesto's words radiate on what e...udent with the ambition to offer an alternative learning path. In the Manifesto of UnCollege, you depict your...

3909 days ago


June-July, 2016

...e field of a specific priority selected annualy. In 2016 LLL-P will focus on the first priority of its Lifelong Learning Manifesto: “Building inclusive an...

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February, 2016

...ree online course begins on 17 March 2016 via the online Adult Education Learning Platform and will be based on EAEA’s recent publication, Manifesto for Adult Learning in the 21s...

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The Edinbourgh Manifesto for Teaching Online

As shared by Sian Bayne at #EDENRW8

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