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Taking the Hype out of the Hype Cycle

...ophisticated and multi-directional models of institutional change and technological diffusion, such as the resilience metaphor taken from ecology. Martin Weller and Terry Anderson (20...

2422 days ago

Think Together, Enable Dialogue and Get Feedback: From EDUPUNK to DS106 with Jim Groom

Interview by Steve Wheeler, Plymouth University, UK   Recently on this blog I featured an interview with Martin Weller, one of the keynote speakers at #EDEN...

2793 days ago


April, 2019 Part 1

...soke Examining Faculty Readiness to Teach Online: A Comparison of US and German Educators Florence Martin, Chuang Wang, Annika Jokiaho,...

1322 days ago

March, 2018

...lopment specialists suggest that the learning function is purposefully evolving from a learning provider to a learning enabler. Read the report by Martin Moehrle....

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The Battle for Openness - Pre-#EDEN15 Conference Interview with Martin Weller

Steve Wheeler's interview with Martin Weller   Now and then, I have the privilege to interview some great thought leaders in the field of education. I usually feature them on this blog under the banner of 10Q - ten questions. This time, I'm very happy to interview ...

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