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First Synergy Workshop - Short Testimonials

...uld like to share with the Zagreb conference audience some inspirational quotes from those who attended the Synergy Workshop in Budapest in October 2013. In this collection you find...

2060 days ago

Pedagogic Design Guidelines for Multimedia Materials

...ials: A Call for Collaboration between Practitioners and Researchers” to be published (next week I think), in the Journal of Visual Literacy, 2013, Vol 32, number 2. I attach t...

2228 days ago

ProM demonstration (21 Oct 2013)

Presented by Dénes Zarka. Project website: Course:

2284 days ago

Literary salon "Five o'clock"

Project Fairground 1_19.10.2013 We hope that our course will be interesting for a wide range of teachers that are involved in written text studies.

2043 days ago