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EDEN is Different

...that deserves to be followed. The 25th Anniversary of EDEN is a great occasion, also a challenge – whether we can say something new, a message relevant to the jubilee, appr...

2055 days ago

Reinventing Universities: The critical role of leadership

...On the other hand, you can equally do great damage by limiting others’ potential, being autocratic and not providing a clear inspirational message and direction of travel. In l...

2102 days ago

Looking ahead to the 25th anniversary year

...ned their formats in order to enhance networking and interactivity. We've boosted our web presence and online communication, highlighting our message and values, parallel with rea...

2228 days ago

How expert use of technology in classrooms is boosting education results: refocusing the open classroom initiative

...nology. By just adding 21st century technologies to 20th century teaching practices we'll only be diluting the effectiveness of teaching. The message of this important study was t...

2228 days ago

Much More Than A Conference

...ociated in such a significant occasion (see Rector Josep Planell's message). Visual interpre...EDEN15 set new standards. But, above all, it conveyed an important message. Following up on the results...

2285 days ago

Education and Ecstasy instead of Education and Agony

...wledge about media and behavior continues to grow. ES: This year’s theme for the EDEN Conference is the Joy of Learning. What is your message to the conference participant...

3195 days ago