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Comment on "Prototype reflections"

Excellent and highly valuable observations, the thought about the revision of functions in connection with institutional NAP member delegation (to include more active juniors) is es...

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Comment on "ICT supported language teaching and learning"

Literary salon "Five o'clock" More details 

2321 days ago

Comment on "ICT and learning to learn competences, teacher training and learner support"

Link to Opening Up Education presentation (summary of priorities) from Yves Punie, IPTS  

2322 days ago

Comment on "Synergy WG: The role of ICT and digital competencies in excluded / at risk groups' lives"

Please, find the CARER+ Open Call for Pilots as an OFFER of the CARER+ project here: More on the project:

2153 days ago

Comment on "Inspire! - an unconventional forum with young scholars"

...e notes on the special discussion thread dedicated to the session on the NAP Members' Area online, thi...on and gives the notes to the session organisers who will post it on the NAP. 15 minutes before the th...

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Comment on "Teachers: What is your good practice in teaching with ICTs?"

Here's the Working Group

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Comment on "Working group: ICT and learning to learn competences, teacher training and learner support"

The need emerged during the Working Group discussions, that a separate Group should be created to follow up the talks. Here you go, join us!

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Comment on "Synergy Strand"

The Synergy Sessions in Zagreb will facilitate the sharing of practices, project outputs and research findings, offer the participants platform to develop new idea...

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